Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Fiber Attention Deficit Disorder is a serious malady.  It prevents one from accomplishing goals that one sets with the best of intentions.  There is no pill, no counseling, no therapy for this affliction.  Except maybe staying out of the loominaria!
  I really, truly meant to finish the pink and brown silk-cotton sweater today, especially since I couldn't go outside to play.  I could, and did, go outside, but when I tried to plant the new camellias, the clay "soil" was so heavy, I could hardly lift a shovel-full.  And now, it's beginning to rain again, so my spot on the couch, with DVR'd episodes of Downton Abbey and The Bletchley Circle should have been secure.  But I got bored, sleepy and tired of the pink and brown silk-cotton sweater.  Even though I lack 12 more rows before I start the neck, I simply couldn't focus.
  See, I know there's more yarn in those big plastic boxes.  Yarn that is begging to become interesting, beautiful garments, using untried patterns and new techniques that I really should learn to become a better fiber artist.  I know there's more silk-cotton, in fact, and that it's hand-dyed in colors I never wear but might like to.
   I only meant to wind one skein.  I just needed to get up and stretch and do something standing up for a change.  Well, one was kind of a challenge, because I wound the skeins from the original balls too big around for the skein winder before I dyed them.  It kept getting caught on the swift and making me curse and scare animals.  So, when I got one done, I thought, what have I learned and how can I do the next one better?  And I didn't want to forget what I learned!  So I kept going.  I might keep going on into the afternoon, but I really should finish that other sweater...
 And then, there's the new warp waiting on Jenny.  See how perfectly the beads go with it?  I've already drafted the pattern, a tiny flower twill from Davison's book, and I know just where the beads will go in the pattern.
  Have you noticed a color theme here?  It's the same outside, lime and citron and kelly and forest, all lovely shades of green.
  It's spring time here in east Tennessee, and a big part of that is blustery, wet weather that keeps us inside with our lovely fiber and all its possibilities.  I will FOCUS and finish my sweater and share its loveliness with you next week.  Unless I wander back into the stash...
Happy weaving, knitting and whatever other fibery trouble you can get into!

Update:  Hot off the needles!


LA said...

Ahhhh...fiber is so addictive! The more we play....the more we want to play. Those beads are going to look great with that yarn!

Tina J said...

Good for you! Sometimes you just need to come up for air, before you dive back in and finish something!