Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You Just Never Know

  It happened again this morning....we were greeted by a yarn and fabric donation that needed sorting.  You just never know what you'll find when you walk through that door!
  The yarn was up for grabs, and it was lots of fun going through all the different skeins that were available. 

The boxes of fabric were sorted and put into stacks to use for rugs and placemats.

   Our newest weaver, Tracie, has finished the plain weave part of her first warp, and is ready to start playing with the different twill weaves.   (Remember when all those "weaving words" were like a foreign language???)

  Sharon has started weaving on the placemat warp.  This is her first floor loom weaving experience!  (It's really different than weaving on a table loom, don't you think?)

  Linda finished up a rug today, and she'll be starting another one next week.  She took home some strips of towels to join together for her next rug.

 Tina spent her day helping out on different projects (and cleaning no-man's land behind the looms.  Thread, shuttles and fabric tend to collect in this seldom used area.) 
  Besides helping me pull the threads I needed to correct the error in my dishtowels, she also assisted Pat in dropping some threads on the coverlet warp.  Pat had the idea to reduce the size of this pattern to make baby blankets.  It won't be so far to throw the shuttle!

  She finished up the coverlet she had been working on....isn't that lovely!!!!

  (I just love this picture!)  I wish I knew what was going through Eiko's mind when I snapped this!!!  You just never know!

  Bonnie and Shirley had a great time on the back row today!!!

I missed some folks in today's pictures....how did I not get back to Carl's loom to snap a picture? 

   But, I did get this picture of Ms. Emily, who visited us today.  She is giving my dishtowel the once-over.  (Ms. Emily has been weaving for many years.  Her daughter in law wants to learn to weave, and Ms. Emily was checking out the Center.)

  You just never know what's going to happen when you show up on a Tuesday!
  Drop by if you're in the neighborhood!!!
Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

Hurray for Pat! Good idea to make that warp a bit more manageable, too.

Tina J said...

I love the picture of Pat wrapped in her coverlet!

Theresa said...

If you ever find out what Eiko was thinking, I want to know! And Pat's coverlet..AWESOME!