Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All In A Day's Work

There was a big surge of activity this morning as Betsy and Shirley helped Carol collate sets of of her weaving program.  It seems that Carol had exhausted her supply....we've had a lot of new weavers in the last year.  And, Carol was getting ready for a new weaver that was arriving today!

  Say "hello" to Tracie!  She quickly got to work with Carol, and chose her colors for her first warp.  She had wound her warp and was getting it wound on the loom by the end of the day!!!

   Eiko was busy hemming (by hand) her lovely handwovens, and Shirley was winding the color sections for her new handtowel warp.  I saw some of that warp stretched out in the studio at one point.  Hummmmmmm.......
  Carol and Ann checked in on Karin's rugs.....they were concerned that the beater wasn't hitting square on the rugs.  Roz stayed focused on her scarf warp!

  If you look carefully, you'll see Pat on the left on big Bertha.  She's almost finished with the coverlet she's working on.  You can also see Carl back on the barn loom....just weaving away on another rug.  His next rug will be another re-weave one.  The original rug was woven back in the 90's, and the weft is still in good shape!  That's Betsy threading another towel warp....intense concentration!!!!
Linda stopped by with her friend, Than.  She and her husband are visiting the area, and what a great place to bring them!!!!  I think she really enjoyed showing them the rugs she has woven in the studio.
   Marie did get some weaving time on the placemat warp.  We tend to keep her pretty busy with lots of little stuff around the studio.

       After lunch share time was a treat for the eyes!  Our weavers had a great time at the Nuno Felting Workshop over the weekend (see Carol's blog for Monday) and they brought their finished pieces for all to see.  Carol wants to do more felting later this year!  (I think she's hooked!)

                                                                                       Sharon has certainly caught on to this weaving thing....just look at her hounds-tooth check!     And, Linda had a new scarf in progress on her Cricket Loom.  The sequin yarn adds just the right touch of bling!    
   The time passed quickly (as it usually does at the Center.)  Before we knew it, it was time to go.  Cindy had cut out early to be at home in time for the delivery of her new loom.  We can't wait to hear more about that!
Happy Weaving!


msvos said...

Tracie - you're one lucky lady! I think of all of you each Tuesday! Hoping to be able to stop by some day. It's so much fun to see all the projects underway. As always, thanks for sharing!
Laurie (in Indiana)

Bonnie said...

Wonderful to see all the things going on. Good to see everybody. I am happy Marie got to do some weaving. Didn't see Tina. She have jury duty? LouAnn need to see you also. Thanks LouAnn for all the great pictures and discriptions.
Love it.

Tuesday Weavers said...

A lot of serious faces here!

Theresa said...

Lucky Tracie and that is some beautiful houndstooth! Impressive, another notable Tuesday in the books!