Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It is Tuesday Once Again!

You know what that means don't you, the Tuesday Weavers are at it again!  Lou Ann asked me (Tina) to do the blog post for today, so as soon as I got there this morning I did a quick tour of the room to take pictures, and I got a bunch.

Right when you come in the room there is a group of weavers on wolf pups, and they are usually weaving up scaves and hand towels.

Eiko, Roz, Bonnie, and Shirley are part of that row today.  Roz was celebrating the fact that she was in the line up today, but mentioned that when Miss Ila gets back from her trip, she will have to move back to the middle of the room!

The back side of Eiko's scarf.

                                        Roz's hand painted scarf.

Betsy's hand painted scarf

Shirleys hand towels coming along!

As you circle the room clockwise, you will come to the old rocker beater that Ann is weaving a beautiful wool rug on, and I totally missed getting a picture of it!  It really is beautiful, really!  Just beyond Ann's loom we come to Carl's corner.  Here he weaves rug after rug on the barn loom.  As I made my way back to him, he told me that he would be cutting off 2 rugs before long.

Before long he did!

One of these rugs is a reweave, the second one will go upstairs.  Carl said it was a refrigerator rug.  He just added whatever he had on hand! 

As you go around the room, always clockwise we run into the little Macomber that Lanny is taking over.  We are glad he made it today!

Betsy and Margi are manning their looms.  Betsy is making some hand towels and Margi is making placemats and runners.  At Margi's loom we turn the corner and head back towards the kitchen.
 Linda has finished this rug, and thinks she might have warp for one more.  I talked her into taking a box of strips I found last week as I was cleaning between the looms.  It was full of towel strips that will look beautiful with that warp!
She put the strips together at home and now is loading the shuttles.

Sharon is continuing with her placemats.

 We have now arrived in the kitchen on our tour, where there is yarn for sale!  You just never know what you will find!  But this yarn is going to have to be moved, because Carol brought her Leclerc rigid heddle loom today, and we are going to warp it!
Yarns on hand.

The full length of the counter was used.
Designing in the reed.

By the end of the day this is what the shawl warp looks like!  It was a very busy day as usual, but oh so fun.  

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


Bonnie said...

A busy day as usual.
If nobody bought that yarn, I will buy it. Let me know the colors and how much it is. It looks like a brown and then a tan maybe a gold and red??

Bonnie said...

Oh yeah. That warp on Carols loom is beautiful. Will make a great scarf.

LA said...

Thank you for taking over for me....I'm surprises you had time with all the little jobs you took care of today!!!