Friday, April 4, 2014

Is it Spring Renewal?

All winter long there has been a reluctance to get to the looms,  and I couldn't figure it out!  I had plenty of projects to weave, and a couple of late gift items that I really needed to get done.  Last week, I wrote about the new baby blanket projects that I have been working on.  That was like a breath of fresh air in the studio.  But there was something else that needed to happen as well.  I needed to move a couple of looms out of my studio, and into someone else's life.

The first to go was the Cambridge rug loom that had been gifted to me awhile back.  We have several new weavers that have joined us at the Center, and I know that they are always looking to get floor looms of their own.  I mentioned, about a month ago that I wanted to rehome the Rug loom, and within a couple of weeks, Karin said that she would like it.  I brought the loom to the Center last Tuesday, and the transfer to her vehicle was made before lunch time.  I had marked the parts and pieces pretty well with blue painters tape and a sharpie.  I told her to let me know if she needed any help putting it together.  She was a happy weaver, and was I!

Then, I knew I needed to move another loom out.  3 years ago, I bought a 45 inch Leclerc loom from one of the Bonnies.  I knew that she had regretted that sale several times.  I bit the bullet and sent her an email asking if she would like to purchase the loom back.  She did, and she will!

The day I took the Cambridge rug loom apart and loaded it into my car, I started taking the Leclerc apart as well.  It is now on the landing upstairs getting ready for pick up day either this weekend or the next.

 What that has left in the studio is space to breath.  I will be moving looms around, so this space will not remain as it is, but I had to document this moment.

(I also went through my clothes this week and I have a huge bag to take to the charity center! I am not done yet!!!)
Now, with a clearer head,  I turned to a loom that I need to get functional, the Sears Hearthside 6 shaft, 6 treadle.  It did not come with it's treadle wires, which, at the time seemed like a real problem.  It also does not have the crank handle, without which the warp beam will not stay on the loom, it just isn't wide enough!  (This is the warp that came off of the Leclerc, 10 yards of bread cloths! Yep, I didn't kill myself trying to get it woven off!  Oh, and I also have the 10 yard rug warp off of the Cambridge too!  Both of which will be woven on this loom, once it is working!)

Again, with a clearer head, I suddenly remembered Texsolv, and presto chango, the treadle problem is solved!  The warp beam, however, is going to take some thought.  But, with "only" 4 floor looms to manage, there is room not only in the studio, but in my mind as well.  (Oh, by the way, I bought a rigid heddle loom to use with my handspun, so I am not against having several looms!)

That is it for me this week, I hope that as spring is breathing new life in my studio, it is happening all over the northern hemisphere for you as well.  (The southern hemisphere will have to wait a 6 months or so, for their spring!)

Until next time, Happy Weaving and Spinning, Tina


Theresa said...

It's always good to make space whether mentally or physically. Certainly you've done both and made a couple of other weavers happy in the process. :)

Maggie said...

Spring cleaning is always inspirational, isn't it? Bonnie will be happy to have that loom back and with her in Louisville.

Sharon said...

I can't imagine having looms float in and out of my life like that. There just aren't that many looms or weavers in my area! I did change my tie-up to Texsolv on both my looms last year and love it too.

LA said...

You have given Spring Cleaning a whole new depth! I know that Bonnie and Karin are pleased with their looms.

Bonnie said...

I know that I will be happy to get my old loom and it will be new again to me. I now need to sell my Sanjo loom.