Friday, April 25, 2014

Yes Sir, Yes Sir!

Lou Ann and I headed out to the Museum of Appalachia once again today.  We were to be in position at 9am.  That meant a really early start, especially since we were going to hit the drive thru on our way out of town!

(This was going to be a special event, it only happens once a year.)  I was spinning on the front porch of the Peter's Cabin and Lou Ann was dressing the loom in the Loom house right next door.  We got lot's of school kids and adults, and a few non school visitors as well.  They seemed really interested in what we were doing.  I had brought a broad spectrum of naturally colored fiber and yarn, plus a little bit of clean but uncarded locks so that the kids could see the whole process.  I made sure to bring plenty of fiber ready to spin already, cause last time, I couldn't keep up with the spinning I needed to be doing.  Everyone was full of questions!  Good ones too!   They didn't really come to see me though, they came to see something else.

Here is a hint,

Yes, indeed!  It is the annual sheep shearing day at the Museum.  Bobby, the Shepherd told me that there were 15 sheep getting sheared that day.

I kept seeing the sheep appear around the corner of the barn, but I always seemed to miss the shearing part!  We went to check a couple of times but we usually had just missed it!

Then finally as we were heading to lunch I happend to look over in time to see some shearing action!

I have been talking to the folks there at the Museum about washing some of their fleeces so that demonstrators could be spinning the Museums own fleeces if they wanted to.  They thought it was a capital idea!

I spoke to Bobby about it, and I mentioned that I would love a fleece for myself.  He told me that I could have as many fleeces as I wanted.  I responded that I would take as many as he would give me!

Those fleeces on the fence unfortunately, were ruined by the crowd, they were really soft too!  However, I was able to walk away with 3 bags full of fleece, probably 9 or 10 fleeces in all!

White fleeces

Black fleeces

and finally a couple of gray fleeces.

They are all quite soft, even while dirty!  As I am sorting thru, I have found some fleece that was a little bit too short to spin well, so that will be going to Lou Ann once it is clean.  She has some felting plans for it.

Tonight as I post this I have the bathtub full of buckets with white fleece soaking in some Kookaboro fleece wash that I forgot I had.  The rest of the weekend will be spent sorting and washing fleece.  I hope we have a sunny day tomorrow, I will spread the fleeces out on sheets in the yard to dry.  Dear One is out of town until Sunday, so I need to make hay while the sun shines.  He might want to take a shower when he gets home!

First thing this morning as we were setting up, we spied a Peacock in a tree high above the ground.  I was able to get a pretty good picture.  I thought you would enjoy it too.

Until next time, Happy Spinning and Weaving, Tina


LA said...

That peacock saw all those buses arriving, and got clearly out of the way! It sure was a busy day! So, are you going to soak them overnight?

Theresa said...

naked sheep, bags of fleece, a spinner and a weaver. Sounds like the making of some great fun or a really good joke! :)

Benita said...

You lucky girl! I actually love washing fleeces and making them all nice to spin. And I love dyeing over colored fleeces - the natural color makes the dyes look richer. Have lots of fun!!!

Sharon said...

I always enjoy educational outreaches and boy do I envy you that setting! I'll bet you were exhausted after it was over.

Sharon said...

I always enjoy educational outreaches and boy do I envy you that setting! I'll bet you were exhausted after it was over.

Rachel Berry said...

Lucky you to bag all those lovely fleeces! It's a good thing I wasn't there too or you would have been knocked over in the rush! Have fun washing them and I hope you can get them all dry.

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a fun full day.