Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday, already?

Where did the week go? It's been busy and sure flew by. Our daughter moved into a bigger apartment this weekend. Thankfully she stayed in the same building and actually, on the same floor. I'm so glad we didn't have to deal with the elevator on top of everything else!! However, the building she is in is large and she had been on one end of the floor and moved clear over to the other end. It's a long trip! With the help of our dollies, we were were able to do it. Of course, we tried to do it with one set of boxes so she packed, he hauled and I unpacked. She has a mess to organize now but we're done! That's where my week went!!

On the loom now is a fun warp of navies with a bit of purple in there. It's a long warp, about 20 yards, and I had hoped to finish it by now but  at least it's on its way! I am enjoying the color play of the warp and the variegated yarn I'm weaving with. 
I think I may wind some solid navy onto bobbins and weave a couple of pieces with that, to see how it looks. I'll let you know how it turns out! 
My schedule this week is nuts and I may not have a chance to weave at all the rest of the week.

 The warps we dyed are dry and off the rack but before I took them off, I took a picture. The warp on the left side is mostly shades of purples and blues. Next to it is one of mostly blues. Then the right half of the picture is a warp and then a big skein. I had just a bit of purple dye left so I mixed some black in the cups and used them. Then I mixed all 4 blacks individually, to see how they would work. The skein on the right is just blacks. It's interesting to see how one black might have a bit of blue in it or purple. The picture is a bit lighter than the real colors.
I am looking forward to weaving the painted warps soon. I'm not sure where they are in my list of production but they are near the top. I found some balls of painted weft in my stash that will work with the warps so they are ready to go!

We've got another dye day planned so I'm winding more skeins and warps for that! Should be a fun day again.
Until next week, I hope you have more time to weave than I'm having!!


Tina J said...

Some weeks are just like that!

Theresa said...

It is amazing to me that as a youngster weeks took years and now, as I get older the years fly by.