Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fiber Friends

10 April 2014

  Some might say it was meant to be.  After all, Tina delivered Bonnie's loom on Wednesday.  But, somehow that treadle hook jumped under the seat in Tina's car. 
  I think that it was meant to happen.....this way I got to go with Tina to deliver the hook.....and spend some time with Bonnie.  Can you tell that we all enjoy spending time together????

16 February 2010

  Bonnie started weaving at the Center before I came in September 2005.  She wove a lot of rugs on the big old barn loom where Carl weaves now.  But, she really loved the LeClerc loom that Betsy is weaving on now.  That weighted beater was her friend!!!!
  She was fearless trying out new projects at the Center and on her looms at home.  She was one of our fiber buddies! 
  Today was for catching up....and returning the treadle hook.

  Our time together was too short....but she has promised to come by the Center the next Tuesday that she's in the area.  As Tina and I started towards my house, I had her detour through the drive-through for a SMALL chocolate Frosty. 
  As we sat on the steps at my house enjoying our treat, we could smell the sweet blossoms from the ornamental magnolias by the driveway.
  A sweet treat all the way around AND, time with my fiber friends.
  Life is good.

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

It was a treat to see Bonnie, I know she was surprised to see you! What fun!

Bonnie said...

A great surprise. So good to see you guys. I will for sure be back on a Tuesday. Can't wait to see all my wonderful friends.