Monday, September 30, 2013

Love that Color!

This past week I wove my 2 painted warps. The first one I'd painted with shades of green and brown. The 3 wefts were all different. This first one was done in shades of brown which showed the browns very well.

 The second vest was done in shades of green. There is a bit of teal in there. I couldn't help myself. It is a green!!

 The last skein I'd painted with pretty much what was left over so had shades of green, brown, purple, red etc. I like the way this one looked as well. Kind of livened it up!

 The second warp was painted with shades of purple and blues. So the first weft was shades of blue.

 The second shades of purple.

 When I was deciding what to dye the skeins with, I knew I had to do something with a color called bubblegum. I'd picked it up at Yarn Barn in Kansas when I was there in June and I couldn't wait to try it. So this one was really shades of different pinks. It's going to be a really cheerful vest!!

 The fabric's all been woven, washed, cut, serged and assembled. I'm in the process of sewing all the buttons on the vests now and will start the handwork this week.

So, this past weekend DH and I drove up to Muhlenberg County in Kentucky, to Central City. The National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame is up there in the Merle Travis Center. We had a great time. Friday evening was the awards evening with people being inducted into their Hall of Fame. We were honored to present the award to friends, Jim and Diane Miller who were awarded for being huge promoters for the music. They live in Canada and come down to our convention and help me with registration but they also have encouraged alot of people to come to both our convention and the one in Kentucky. The performances Friday and Saturday evening were great. They usually surprise us with great performers. This year they included Mark Thornton and Bobby Bare. The Saturday evening concert was a tribute to Chip Young who unfortunately couldn't make it. You've heard his guitar as background to alot of music from the 60s, etc and his influence in how music was played but most people don't know his name.
A big part of the weekend is the contest  with people all trying for the International Home of the Legends Thumbpicking Championship. This year was like all of them, a ton of talent. In the end it was Dan Bankhurst who won this guitar. It's obvious that these guys practice alot! They don't just copy what others play but arrange songs as well and make it their own. Dan'll be playing at our convention next summer in his own time slot.
So that was my week. I've got a warp already wound just waiting to go on the loom. This one is shades of dark blue mostly called indigo. I can't wait to see how it weaves up.
Until next week, keep weaving!!

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Bonnie said...

Love all that color. Isn't is so much fun to weave and see the different color develop. You have been busy.