Monday, September 9, 2013

Love that Color!

A week ago, we had a dye day at the center. I finally got my skeins and warps rinsed and dry so can show you the wonderful colors.
Normally I go and have no idea what I'm going to put together for colors. This time, I planned the colors ahead of time so that I just had to grab the right containers of dye and mix away.
The first warp was blues and purples. I think there were 4 or 5 colors of each. I purposely don't document what I'm doing. I don't want to repeat anything so that each warp really is unique.
I wind 3 skeins for each warp. 2 of them were dyed like the warp. One was blues and the other was purples. The third one was pinks. I'd gotten some dye called bubblegum and I wanted to try it.
 I think bubblegum is a fun, cheerful color!! I'm looking forward to weaving with it.
 The second warp was browns and greens. Again, there were several shades of each color that I mixed. With the skeins, one was browns and the other greens. The third, kind of a  mixture.
 When I did the third skein, I used up leftover dye from mine plus others projects. It's going to work well with that warp as well.
I have more weft than I need for the warp but that's good. I'm planning to wind a few warps to use up my leftover weft the next time. Figuring out what colors to use will be fun.
First, though, I have to wind off the skeins. I have a huge ball winder that holds a very big ball of yarn and sure comes in handy with these skeins. I'll just turn on my DVD player and maybe watch some old episodes of Castle while I'm winding away!!
Then it'll be time to figure out when to weave these warps along with my normal production pieces.
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

Those colors are amazing! What fun warps those will be to weave.

Bonnie said...

What wonderful colors you got. I love them all. How much fun it will be to see the pattern develop.

Theresa said...

Ohhhhhh, so pretty. What fun you will have planning those projects!

MarthaVA said...

Love your colors and LUV the bubble gum! Care to share what ball winder you have?
Also curious, what kind of yarn are you using?
Thanks! :-)