Monday, September 2, 2013

Lots of Dye!

Ok, I'm just not good at multi tasking when it comes to taking pictures of what we're doing on dye day!!
Saturday had been a scheduled day for us to dye  up at the center. There were 4 of us that met. Christy, Cindy, Marie and I were there from 9am til about 3. It was really awesome. We got there and were pulling out the dye, soda ash and urea and found that the last time they had done it, they'd filled 2 huge jugs with soda ash water and urea water.
All we had to do was use it. That made so much sense and helped us get started. Tuesday when we get bacak to the center, we're going to fill those containers again so that the next dye day will be ready to go again!! 
Marie had one warp for the Tuesday Weavers to dye plus a few skeins to go with it. So I tried to remember to get a picture of her beginning the painting time. I think we need to buy more risers for those tables. It's a good thing she only had one warp to paint!!
 This was probably Cindy's skein that was being painted here with another one next to it waiting its turn. Any container for dye will work!
 Marie's warp coming along.
 Then I forgot to take a picture of the finished warp before she rolled it up so here it is, waiting to be rinsed sometime this weekend!!
 Cindy had an idea for part of a warp to go with a variegated skein of yarn she had as accent for a project.
 One of Marie's skeins to go with the warp she'd painted.
 I painted 2 warps and 6 skeins but this is the only picture I remembered to take of what I was doing. Wearing gloves like we do to paint, you have to remember to take them off to take the picture and that's where I don't remember to find the time to do that. So I have just a few pictures!
 Christy working on a warp. She's very methodical on how she paints her warps and they come out really awesome!!
So those are the few pictures I remembered to take between all the measuring, stirring, painting, saran wrap stretching, rolling, laughing and chatting that we did all day. By the time we got home, I know we were all ready to crash for a few minutes, just to relax a bit.
We'll schedule another day to dye in the next few weeks to catch up on any projects that haven't been done yet but Saturday we just had a really good time. Each time we do it, we come in not knowing who'll be able to make it and what projects need to be done. We try to get as much done as possible so we work hard and leave with pails full of projects just waiting, then, to be rinsed out.

Yesterday was busy for me. Guess what I have to do this afternoon......I'm so glad that I have a centrifuge to spin the water out of the yarn a couple of times during the rinsing process.
I'll try to post pictures of my drying warps and skeins next week when it's my turn to write again.
Until then, keep weaving! I have a warp wound on my warping board.....

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