Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Changed My Mind

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago, when Linda Long brought in some Huck Lace place mats she'd made?  They were all natural, and simply gorgeous.  Well, yesterday, when I wasn't in Norris weaving, and I was in Knoxville cleaning my bathroom, I found that I had saved the pattern for those place mats in my magazine rack in the bathroom!  What a coincidence!
  And further coincidence is that my dear friends, Rachel and Jeff are getting married next month.  I would love to make them some place mats!  Now, before you go admonishing me that it's not enough time and I'm too busy, please realize that they're registered at Williams-Sonoma, and I can always pick something out at the last minute.  But if I can get these done, they will be perfect!  Both Jeff and Rachel are amazing gardeners, and I think they would love the natural with this soft green I found in my carpet warp stash.

Well, you can't really see the color, but it's beautiful and would go lovely with their hand-thrown pottery plates.  I've wound half the warp, all that my warping board will hold, and have started on the second half.  I'm very excited!  I love huck lace, I love Jeff and Rachel and I think they'll all be a match made in heaven!
  Now, where do you think they'll go?  We know that Jennifer still has a rug warp on her, and Jenny has that lovely purple-magenta-fuschia warp on her.
  Enter Tootsie, that old pain in the butt!  I simply can't stare at that stupid warp on her one more second!  The eight shafts are giving me trouble, and the place mat pattern uses three.  Now, surely I can get three shafts working on Tootsie without too much aggravation, don't you think?
  So, guess where my scissors are going!  Look out, Tootsie!  Here I come!

And speaking of sharp things, have you ever seen such a thorny rose?  What is up with Joseph's Coat?  This branch is right by the back door!  Incredible, isn't it?
  Back to the warping board!  Have a wonderful week, and Happy Weaving!


LA said...

Your friends will treasure their handwoven placemats!!! And, it is time...when you're not enjoying the warp on your loom, it's time for it to say bye-bye!!!

Theresa said...

Oh lucky couple!

Bonnie said...

Very nice placemats.