Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's All A Blur

  Although Carl and I were on time (a couple of minutes early, actually) the weaving studio was already  buzzing with activity. 
  Pat is de-stashing at her house, and brought in some patterns that were up for dibs.  (I'll admit I found a few that looked interesting!)  It's amazing how many of us still sew.....when we have time!  Or...maybe, we need to make some time to sew again.

  Then, it wasn't long until Shirley had set up her station to distribute 8/4 cotton that she had picked up at Great Northern while she was up there.  The orders written on little pieces of paper were gathered up and the totals were given.  She saved us a lot of $$ in shipping.  Thank you, Shirley!!!!

  We had several visitors in the studio today.  This Mom and daughter stopped by the Center and came downstairs to see what the hub-bub was all about.  Mom just might decide to learn to weave.
  Marie did a great job answering all her questions.

  Earlier we had some visitors that looked all around the studio, but seemed to be very interested in the rug that Carl was weaving.  

Linda is back from her cruise, and got right back to work on her rug warp.

Ann is finally to the end of the burlap stash to use for rugs.  I wonder if we'll recognize her without the mask???? 

Pat got busy winding a warp with the thread she plied last week.  I can't wait to see what this becomes!!!

Betsy and Marie were really busy weaving on the back row.  Marie is almost to the end of that warp that Bonnie started.

Judy and Allan joined in to help Ms. Ila wind on her shawl warp on the Mighty Wolf.  This is one of the warps that got painted a few weeks ago.

  And, our new weavers, Karin and Julia, are weaving away on their first warps.  I'm not sure they are used to having their pictures taken each week!

I do think that Julia has figured out that we like to eat.....she made banana bread for the weavers today, and it didn't last very long!!!!  Thank you, Julia!!!

Now for the Show & Tell portion of our program:

Linda made these runners from men's ties.  She's going to use them as gifts for her family.  Too cute!!!

Eiko has been busy at home, too.  She made this tencel scarf woven in a lace pattern that is just too soft to be believed!!!!!

  And, these are Ms. Ila's scarves that she cut off the Pup last week.  The warp is wool/silk blend and the weft was angora.  They are a delight to touch.

I'll leave you with this shot of busy....because that best describes the studio today. 

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Happy weaving FOR SURE! Love those runners from ties...Hmmmmm what a great idea.

Annie Steenfeldt said...

Hi Tuesday Weavers, - We - from Denmark - visited you in 2012, felt very welcome and bought a few things e.g. made by Carl.
Just to let you know that I have joined my own Danish Tuesday Weavers by now, and bought 2 weaving looms. Great inspiration to visit you. Thanks to you all.