Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Warps On The Looms

Before you can put a warp on a loom, you have to wind a warp! Welcome to the Tuesday Weavers, Cathy!  This is how we all begin our weaving journey!

  Just look at what you have to look forward to!  Christy finished the painted scarf warp, and we all got a chance to ooh & ahhh  over these lovely scarves.

  Meanwhile, weaving continues on the different looms all around the studio.

Take a look:

Cindy's towels on the left.

Roz's scarves on the right.

Eiko's runners on the left.

Maggie's coverlet on the right.

Carl's rug on the left.

Ms. Ila's scarf on the right.

Marie's placemats on the left.

Betsy's walker bag* on the right.

*new project!!!!

Linda's rug on the left.

Ann's rug using the burlap strips on the right.

Andy's scarf warp.

Now Andy......what do you think of warping back to front?????

    Christy's bookmarks on her Inkle Loom.

  Pat did not stand to SPIN the whole time.....but, she did stay busy today plying 4 strands of fine thread together.   I'm sure that will come in very handy for a future project.

Our new weavers get to see so many different projects on the looms....I'm sure they already have lots of ideas for what they would love to weave.

What do you have on your loom????

Happy Weaving!

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Ann said...

You guys have some wonderful stuff going. Wish I were there!!!

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