Monday, September 16, 2013

A Time to Weave

It's just over a month til my next show. Time to weave, for sure!! I forgot to take a picture of this warp while it was on the loom. It's rust with some accent yarns in there to make it fun. I'd already washed the pieces and yesterday I cut and serged the sections, making the neck and front and the sleeve sections. They've been fray checked and ready to begin to assemble this afternoon.
 Just off the loom is red. A couple of jackets and vests. Sometimes a solid color is just the thing. There is some chenille in the warp to give it a bit of a perk.
 On the loom is caribe. It's a dark teal, very pretty and enjoyable to weave. As you can see, when I finish weaving enough for, say, a vest, I throw 2 rows of the cheapest toilet paper I can find and then continue weaving the next vest. Once off the loom, just cut between the two rows and serge the ends to keep the fabric stable before washing.
This isn't a long warp so it should be off fairly quickly and a gray with some pink in it will be on next. The warp is wound and waiting in the wings!
That's what I do when I'm getting ready for a show, weaving off each warp that I've planned. 
When I plan what I'm going to be weaving for the next few months, I go through my stash to see what I have and put the yarns for each project into an office depot box, keeping notes of what needs to be ordered. Then once the yarn comes in, I add it to the correct box. All I have to do is grab the box, check my list, and wind the warp. I still have a couple of boxes of planned warps plus some that haven't been gathered yet. I'll weave for another 3 weeks and then just do the finishing before the show in Asheville next month.
Guess you know what I'm doing this week. Hope you're weaving as well!!

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Bonnie said...

Some very nice colors. Will do well at the show as usual.