Thursday, September 19, 2013

Catching Up

  This was the view from my doorway last weekend at the Museum of Appalachia.   The iron kettle was full of sassafras tea, and the hint of wood smoke was present all over the grounds.  There were musical groups performing on the main stage all day long, which was delightful.  The "Porch Players" were also performing at the cabin nearby. 
  You can see the tents set up by the different antique dealers on the many wonderful items to look at!!

  This was the tent with the most textiles....don't you love their method of display!!!!  And, that changed a lot throughout the day.  Many of the dealers had pieces of coverlets, which always makes me sad.  But, I always love to look at the different patterns.
  It seemed strange today when I was at the tents......just a few folks from time to time.  There was a school group from Chattanooga, which was interesting.  (If we could only bottle some of their energy, we would all be rich!!!)

  Momma peafowl did her best to keep her clutch out of their way!  There are about five chicks in her brood, and they follow her around over the grounds.

  These are the rugs that I have cut off of the Rocker Loom at the Museum.  I still need to tie the fringes, but I should get some done tonight.  There is still one more rug left on the loom, and then I'll be putting on a new warp.  I can wind a longer warp now that the humidity is lower!!!!

  Fall has arrived here in East Tennessee, and spending the day at the Museum is almost heaven!!!  I met a couple from Australia today.  She learned to weave in Taos, New Mexico, and was really interested in the old Rocker Loom.  You just never know who you will meet when you start to weave!

  Enjoy this wonderful Fall weather...
Happy Weaving!


Roxie said...

The photos are idyllic!

Bonnie said...

The rugs look nice. Sounds like you really have a good time there.

Tina J said...

I can smell the woodsmoke!

Maggie said...

What a beautiful weekend!