Thursday, September 26, 2013


I was so excited when I read the comments from Tuesday's blog:
  Hi Tuesday Weavers, - We - from Denmark - visited you in 2012, felt very welcome and bought a few things e.g. made by Carl.
Just to let you know that I have joined my own Danish Tuesday Weavers by now, and bought 2 weaving looms. Great inspiration to visit you. Thanks to you all.

  Annie and her husband visited the Appalachia Arts Craft Center in June 2012.  I remember that she had a lot of questions, and was really interested in the looms.  I guess we made an impression!!!!   Congratulations, Annie!!!  Welcome to the Wide World of Weaving!!!!  It was a joy meeting you.  And, believe me, you will never be bored with weaving...there's too much to weave, and never enough time!

  I know I feel a little thrill when I see that Ms. Pat in Barnesville, GA, has visited the blog, too.  And, I always love to read comments from Theresa from out in the great northwest!  (She's just another one of us fiber-addicts!)  And, where in the world is Marta these days.  I was just thinking about her................
  Surely, we meet the greatest people in this weaving world!

  Around here, I'm still in major prep mode.  I have washed four full loads of flat folds to use for rugs and tote bags.  This load is out of the dryer and ready to be folded.

And, here is a stack that has been washed, dried and folded.
  Now, I just need to pair them up, sew them together and roll them through the rag cutter.  Sounds simple, huh? 

  You should also know that it is one of those almost perfect Fall days outside......the sun is shining, the squirrels are fussing in the trees, the birds are flitting from branch to branch.  The humidity is low and there's just a hint of a breeze blowing some of the leaves from the trees.

  I'm thinking I would like to take my book out to the porch and read for a wee bit....just while the sun is still shining.  I can always sew strips and weave tonight.  After all, Big Bang Theory and Elementary are on tonight.  
  Yes, that sounds like a plan.
Happy Weaving!


Pat Byrd said...

Hi LouAnn and all the weavers there.
It is such a joy for me to read all of the blogs and sad on the days there aren't any.
Happy weaving to all,

Emily @ said...

Hi there! I was just Googling info about the Leclerc Nilus (plain beam) floor loom that we own (it is my MIL's but she doesn't weave anymore.)

I'm so curious to know what kinds of things can be woven using it? Specifically, would it be appropriate to use to make woven baby carrying wraps? Thanks in advance :)

Emily @ said...

Whoops, meant to check "follow up comments"

Tina J said...

I miss you guys! I love to see what everybody is doing, you should see if you could get somebody to take my Friday post until I get back!

Maggie said...

That is so cool!