Monday, September 23, 2013

Making Lemonade...

I had some really nice, kind of blue gray yarns plus a few balls of an accent yarn that had grey and pink in it. Problem was, I only had a couple of cones of that blue gray for weft but didn't want to order any more right now. So, I still wound a long warp and wove some pieces with the blue gray.
 My camera's not the best so it's hard to get a close up but you can see the pink in the warp. The gray has a bit of a blue tinge to it and makes it look nice.
 Since I only had enough weft for half the warp, I wove the rest with black. It makes for a different look to the pieces.
 You still get the pink and gray but the black makes it all darker. It'll make the pieces look different even if they are from the same warp.
It'll be interesting to see which pieces sell first. Which ones will people be attracted to? I've got just a few weeks until the show and I'll have them finished by then so will see how they sell!!
I'm about to put the first of the painted warps I did onto the loom. The goal this week is to weave both warps and maybe have a third one on the loom by the weekend. The warps are short, just enough for 3 vests each.  I've got the skeins of weft wound into balls and ready to fill bobbins! Should be a fun and colorful week of weaving!!
Until next week, hope you're weaving with colors that you really enjoy!


LA said...

You're will be interesting to see which weft color choice attracts the most attention.

Anonymous said...

Think the pink threads get my vote. On the road to Kalispell, Enjoying everyone's posts. Sharen

Theresa said...

Both are lovely. You'll have to remember to let us know! So ambitious getting on and off those painted warps and then a third. Good luck!