Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weaving As Usual

  Well....not everyone was weaving!  Pat is still working on plying the fine cotton together to use in a warp.  You can see the four flavors of green on the cone holder....lovely!!!!

  Marie and Eiko needed to wind more bobbins for their projects.  The additional bobbin winder has come in so handy!!!

Those are Carol's hands working on the stack of finished placemats.  They will go upstairs for now, but they just might go to the Fall Homecoming!
  And, then there are strips to cut and finish work to complete!

  Linda popped in long enough to finish up a placemat that she had started last week.  Carol needs to weave several mats on that warp this afternoon. 
  Cindy's towels are going great....and they are super nice!

Carl got some more woven on another blue jean rug before he had to stop and cut more strips. 

   Lanny and Allan are in deep problem solving mode.  Come to find out, they are working on a lace pattern from Davison. 

Just wait until they start threading!!!

  I couldn't resist....another picture of Ann with her mask on!!!!!  That burlap sure makes a pretty rug, though!

  Carol checked on her new weavers, and everyone is coming along nicely.

  Ms. Ila finished her warp of merino/silk scarves.  They feel wonderful!!!  I heard her say that she's going to work on shawls next.

And, there you see it.....Ann has started organizing us for the Fall Homecoming!!!!  You know we mean business when the chart stand comes out!!!!!

  Maggie made sweet potato pie at the Museum yesterday.....so she ordered a slice with her lunch today!!!!  Doesn't that look heavenly!!!!!  (I had a slice of her chess pie.....yum!)

Another day of weaving and good company....is there anything better?

Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

I was wondering when I was going to see the clipboard! Yay!