Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Tuesday

  What better way to start a new month than increasing your stash????
  LaDonna set up the tables with extra cones of that fine threads, and the Weavers Went Wild!!!! 
  And, guess what?  The money raised will go to buy more THREAD!!!!
  Yes....it goes on and on and on!

We didn't just shop today...there was lots of weaving going on, too!

Just look at all of that concentration!!!!

Christy set up at the table to thread her reed.  Yes...she like to warp her loom front to back.  It takes all kinds!!!

  Linda AND Linda kept things on track on their side of the room.

  And, Marie helped Karin select 8/4 for her next project.

Carl got the denim cut this morning, and wove on the rug warp for the rest of the day.  Allan and Carol were busy discussing studio size, as well as the warp he's starting on his loom.

Just to prove I did something today, I am within 2 inches getting this warp threaded!  YEAH!!!

   Julia cut off her very first warp today, and started winding a warp for her next project.

  Pat started winding a warp to put on the little rug loom that Tina had been weaving on before she left.  We should be able to wind that on next week.

After lunch, Pat modeled her jacket she made with her handwoven fabric.  Lovely!!!!

  Welcome back, Teresa!  She's been a little busy since she became a MRS.  But, now she can concentrate on her weaving!!!!!

Next week we'll be getting ready for Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia, and the week after (15 October) we'll be hosting the Weavers from middle Tennessee.  That means a potluck lunch.  I'm going on record right now that I'm bringing chocolate cake.....just saying.

Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

I love that jacket of Pat's! Sad I missed the yarn sale, but it's probably a good thing!

Tina J said...

I am glad that Pat is taking over the little rug loom! That is perfect! She can take over that crazy 60's weft if she wants to, it is all the same to me!
It is good to see you guys and all the projects going on. Did we sell a bunch of that skinny thread? Those colors would be fun to play with, they remind me of the colors I have seen in Peruvian backstrap weaving. Just saying, I could use a portable loom just about now!

Much love, T

Bonnie said...

So many new faces. Lots going on. Miss you guys. I will be back in town in a week or so.