Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Blustry Day

    Our thoughts go out to the folks that have endured Sandy...what a system!
  There is snow to the north and east of us, but we are just having gray skies and wind gust.  The temperature difference is easy to see in our wardrobes this week....we do have a chill in the air.

  Allan and Pat seem to be doing supervisor duty today!  Actually, we were busy getting weft ready for Allan's warp, and trying to figure out how the new winder for the Macomber works!!!!
   Tina finished up the bookkeeping from the Museum of Appalachia, while folks started tagging their items for Foothills.  Ms. Ila and LaDonna brought in some of their scarves and shawls for us to ooh & ahh over!  Lovely!
  Ms. Linda got to the Center early to wind her second warp.  You can just barely see it on the board by the back door.

  Judy took over the job of cleaning up the smaller Macomber loom....thank you, Judy!   We use a lot of Howard's Feed & Wax on our looms!

  I didn't get a picture of Maggie cleaning the big Macomber....thank you, Maggie!!!!

  LaDonna was working hard on her scarf warp on her rigid heddle loom.

  And, in the middle of all of this, Lanny started dressing his loom for towels!  
   And, Carl stayed busy weaving a blue jean rug.  We're a little low on those upstairs in the shop!  People love rag rugs using denim

  Andy was really close to the end of her shawl.  She was busy weaving back in the last few inches from the other end.

  Then, it was time to cut the warp from the loom!

When she finished cleaning the new loom, Maggie got to work on her napkins.  I think I heard her say that she can see the end of the warp on the back beam!  Wow!

  Ms. Ila is holding her warp of three scarves that will get washed and ready for the Foothills show.

  We'll be doing a mock up of our booth next week...which means that this week, we'll all be busy at home!

Stay safe & warm!
Happy Weaving,


Maggie said...

We had a warm place out of the storm, but we still managed to cause some tornadic activity!

Bonnie said...

What a busy day. Sorry I couldn't be there.

Tina J said...

The new looms look really nice all cleaned up. I wonder who will work on them first? It was really busy in there today, I am glad I got that bookkeeping done and the checks written!

Theresa said...

Glad Sandy didn't make it to your neck of the woods! And oh MY! what a busy week you have all had. So many wonderful projects going on so many looms. What is the total count of looms down there anyway?

LA said...

Theresa....we have 15 floor looms right now. Four of them fold up so they can be stored in the walkway during the week when we are not at the Studio. We have two more Wolf Pups on order, too. And, that doesn't count the table looms that Carol uses for beginning weavers! WOW! We cram a lot into our space!!!!