Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Four's a Crowd

 I'm not one of the Tuesday Weavers displaying and selling this weekend, so I had a peaceful weekend of weaving in my now-crowded loominaria.  Bella found a square of uncovered floor to "relax," though Bella is always on guard.
  I started a new shag rug on Jennifer for Mom's new house, in her favorite colors.  She declared this week that she is "a beige person," something I disagree with, but will go with on this occasion.  I see her more as a red person with beige accents, so this rug will be a combination of both.

If you've never tried a shag rug, and you have a sturdy four-shaft loom, I urge you to try it.  It seems like it's taking a long time to weave, with all the hand manipulation, but before you know it, you've got four inches done and it's time to cut the loops.  You can't resist running your hands over it every so often, and well, it just makes you happy!  And then, wait until it's done and your toes get to dig into it!  Bliss!
  On Monday, I got lost in the rhythm and design of it, and wove almost 20 inches.  It's 30 inches wide, so I want it to be at least 48 inches long, though I'm already running out of the brick red and brown.  It's all pile fleece I bought on sale at the end of last winter, and it all looked like a lot when I started!  I can't get more of the exact colors, so the scarcity will make the design.

Another part of the design is Weft hair on the back of the warp.  It's one of his favorite napping spots, and it shows.  Most of it collects against the back of the heddles, some makes it as far as the reed, and a slight amount is in the rug.  It just makes it a little fluffier!
I've returned to the huck lace curtain warp, too, for a change of pace, and it's coming along well.  I've fixed the warp tension problem and am plugging along on it.  I need 32 inches of curtain before the border, and I need two per window.  This is the first one, so progress has been slow thus far.  I need a naked loom soon for the Center challenge shawl, so I need to get this one in gear!

 I haven't woven on Tootsie yet.  I've decided to unthread and rethread the warp that's on her, and am not up to the challenge yet.  I do, though, have a warp started for her first project of mine.  It's carpet warp, natural for the warp and many colors for the weft.  Lots of experimenting with 8-shaft twills for kitchen towel gifts.  Can't wait!

Outside, even though it's turned chilly, the Angel's Trumpet has started to bloom.  The blooms weren't nearly this big last year!  It's huge!  Just the stem leading to the blossom is almost a foot long!  There are many more buds, but I don't know if they'll have time to mature, with the chilly week ahead.
  And the climbing rose I planted in July is blooming its heart out, climbing up the walls of the back porch.  The Clematis I planted near it have intertwined through it and are setting blossoms, too.  How lovely that will be next year!
  Bundle up and stay warm this week!  It's only a taste of what's to come, if the high squirrel activity this week is any indication.  Good luck and lots of sales to my Center friends this week!  Everyone else:  Happy Weaving!  --Maggie

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LA said...

I was so sorry to hear about your license plate! That's really low! But, you had a lovely day to weave at home, so that turned out nice. Your Mom will LOVE her rug!!!!