Monday, October 8, 2012

Great Colors!

Several months ago Yarn Barn's Mill Ends letter came. In it was a variegated yarn, acrylic, but a nice combination of colors. So I ordered a couple of cones. This past week I wove with it. Pulling out the colors in the yarn, I picked 6 solids for the warp.
It's a cheerful warp. I like weaving with cheerful colors.
Not knowing how far my variegated weft would go, I planned for a jacket and 3 vests.  I was going to weave a top with it but was afraid that the acrylic weft was a bit scratchy. Now that it's off the loom and washed, I think a top would have worked but I knew vests would be nice so skipped the top.
 The picture shows it a bit oranger than it really is but the colors are so pretty! I smiled the whole time I was weaving this warp.

 I had thought to weave the rest of the warp changing wefts. Maybe weave a vest in red or turquoise. However, when I started weaving black I liked it just that way. I almost forgot to take a picture of the black while still on the loom! There will be some warp thrums for LouAnn to add to her fun yarns but not much. I weave to the end of the warp..
The warp is off the loom and washed, ready for me to assemble the pieces. This week I'll be doing that. Cutting, serging, sewing, finishing. There are alot of pieces to finish yet in the studio.
I really liked this variegated yarn. When you get the mill end list from Yarn Barn, you feel the little sample and wonder, how would this work.....and you figure, ok, take a risk and buy a couple of cones. Then you weave with it and think, rats, I should have ordered 4 cones!
That's life. There'll be another list coming in a couple of months with no telling what yarns and just maybe there'll be another bunch of fun yarn that'll be great to weave in there as well.
Here's hoping!
Til next week...keep weaving!


LA said...

I love how that yarn worked with your warp. That was a good buy, I think! Playing with thrums is too much keep them coming!!!

Bonnie said...

I love how that verigated yarn weaves up. It really looks great with the warp colors you chose.

Theresa said...

What a show stopper those colors are on the first cloth but gosh after seeing the second rendition, it's hard to chose a favorite. Beatiful work. I'm smiling just looking at it!

Maggie said...

Those are beautiful!