Monday, October 15, 2012

Best laid plans...

The past week has been full of typical week before a show activities. Everything I did was laced with a level of panic! DH met the husband of another person getting ready for the Guild Fair and was told that his wife was at the same level of panic as I am.
It's typical. We all want to get more done than we have time for. The weaving I do is just part of the job. There's alot of finishing to do, serging, cutting, repairing, washing, cutting, serging and then assembling on the machine before handwork, handsewing and crocheting happens to my pieces. I always have a stack of work to do by my chair but right now it's a couple of baskets full.
So the looms are empty. Doesn't he look sad? Nilus is my workhorse. I guess he's taking a much needed rest. Next week I'll put another warp on him. I'll probably do another black warp for vests before switching to do some rugs. So many ideas, so little time. I'm also planning to fill more of my looms now that the rush of production will be over for several months! There is the Foothills Craft Guild show in a month but I'll have plenty for that too. Probably will weave some new things as well but the pressure isn't as high for that show. In Asheville at this show I have to also send things over to the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway. They are low on my things and this is a busy time of year for them. I like to have plenty for people to pick from up there! 

I had also planned to take my camera along yesterday when it was my turn to help out at the show we did at the Museum of Appalachia. Right. Didn't think of it again til I got there! So much for my blog idea.  Andy had a camera but I think we were both tired and I didn't pick up on getting her to take some pictures. She'd done another show on Saturday so was glad to sit for awhile and make her square pieces that will become purses or potholders, depending on what she uses. I had a vest I was working on too. Got it finished between customers!

Some pictures have been posted of the outside of the log cabin that we were in. Inside there's a bed and a couple of other pieces of vintage things, a cradle, some chairs...and lots of things on the wall, pictures, a really old mirror. We had a nice fireplace with a rifle over it, a fiddle hanging nearby. You know the look. It was awesome. It was chilly yesterday morning so we ended up having a little fire in the fireplace but then it got warm and we let it die out, except maybe it took a bit longer than we'd have liked for the bits of wood to turn to ash.
What I found interesting was all the guys that came in, totally, I mean, totally ignored our things and just were looking at the walls, how the building was assembled, at the rifle over the fireplace, etc. It was like we weren't even there. It was so funny to see!!
We enjoyed the show, met some really nice people, have a few potential new students and have plans for next year. LouAnn, Tina and Linda will continue to help them fix the old barn loom so that maybe next year it can be used and we'll take a wolf pup along to demonstrate, now that we know how the space works. It's going to be a nice booth space next year!

So, this week. I've got my list of last minute things that I have to do but tomorrow evening we pack the van and Wednesday morning head over to Asheville to set up for the show. It's a 4 day show. DH comes over to help me set up the lights (any excuse to drive over the mountains!) but then I'm on my own til time to take down when he's back to help.
It's going to be a long week in many ways and yet it'll fly by.
Until next week.


LA said...

I know you have a lot of beautiful items for the show next weekend! We had a lovely weekend for the Museum of Appalachia event.

Theresa said...

Enjoy and take pictures!