Thursday, October 4, 2012

P - Three


  It's not like I didn't know we were going to be at the Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia.....and we have the Foothills show coming up next month.  It's just a matter of getting things planned, woven and finished in a timely matter.  And, in the midst of all of this, new ideas come popping in my mind....things I'd like to try.

 So.....I weave up an idea. 

Getting it hemmed is another matter.  Just taking the time to sit down at the sewing machine seems to take a court order these days.  (And, sewing used to be my first love....for years and years I loved to create on the sewing machine!!!)

   Mug rugs are one of the ways I try out new things.  The warp isn't too long and they finish up quickly. 
  Weave the warp.....cut it off....throw it in the washer and you're ready to cut them apart.
  Too easy!!!  Yet efficient!

And, they make such nice gifts when you want to just say "I'm thinking about you!"

  I'm still cutting strips of fabric for my hot pad warp.  It is fun coming up with light and dark fabrics that can be used in the double binding warp, but that, too, takes time.
  Oh heck, going through my fabric stash is a time's like a black hole!  I see a piece that makes me think of a project I wanted to try.  And, another piece that would be good for yet another project........well, you get the idea.

  So, I'm plodding along.  I'm going to finish two more hot pads, and then I'm cutting them off this warp. 
  I've got to finish tagging what I do have finished, and make a master inventory list.  I'm just glad we do this as a group, and I'm not the only person involved in this endeavor.
  It's really hard to stay inside and work when it is so beautiful outside....Fall has come to East Tennessee, and the days are glorious!

Please take time to enjoy your Fall day!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

You have got a lot going on. Places to go and things to do.

Maggie said...

Is that this weekend? Have a great time!

Theresa said...

Wow, some awesome work going on there and what a beautiful sewing machine. I know a few people who love their Elna's! I bet it was happy to see you again. ;)