Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 This week, I worked six days in a row to be able to have Tuesday off with my weaving buddies.  But I confess that when I received Carol's email about cleaning the Annex, I agreed with my autumn-ravaged lungs suffering from leaf mold, that it would not be that much fun to spend the day with fibers floating in the air.  Instead, I spent the day with my own fibers and leaf mold!
  First order of the day was to give the pet dander-covered dog in my life a bath.  She hates baths, but she sure loves to be covered in her favorite towel.  Here she is,  about to lay on her bed next to the heater vent.  It was a chilly day for a bath, but after rolling in wet leaves in the park, she had no choice.

Treadling pattern ready to go!
   Then, I decided which treadling pattern was next for the huck lace curtains.  The open-weave squares that Ila has been using for scarves will be perfect for curtains, I think.  The weaving will have to wait, however, while I finish the rug for Mom's housewarming gift.  Her birthday is next weekend, and I'd like to send two gifts at once.  She reads the blog, so we'll have to wait, though most of you know what'll be in the box!

The rug is done, minus the hem and hemming.  The length was dictated by the supply of red and brown.  I ran out, so the rug did, too.  The next rug will use up the rest of the tan, along with the teal and sea green left from Matt's and Dana's anchor rug.  I think it'll work in front of the kitchen sink just fine.
  After weaving, it was time to rake the leaves and mow the grass, sending me into a sneezing fit and running for the tissues and inhaler!
  And today, it's back to grindstone, making people happy at the end of their meals.  Here's a pre-dessert from last week, butternut squash "lasagna," made with cider-poached butternut squash and creme fraiche.  It looks so cheerful!
  Have a cheerful week weaving!


LA said...

I really like the idea of a "pre-dessert." Of course, I usually have that before I eat my meal! Life is short, you dessert first!!!!

Bonnie said...

I am behind time. I hope that you had a good day.