Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear John,

  Remember that hot August day back in 2009 when you moved here from Ohio?  I wasn't sure exactly where you would sit...but decided that the living room was not being used that much.  It has lots of light during the day, and I can watch the birds in the birdbath while I weave....or the fire if it's a cold winter's day.

  You had that funky warp still on your back beam:  purple, lavender, yellow and pink.  At first, I had such a difficult time deciding on weft to use.

  And, remember how surprised I was to discover that this wonderful warp was the Hollywood Rug pattern?

  What an inspiration!

  The next warp that Tina helped me wind on your back beam yielded a bunch of rugs and tote bags.  I can't believe I didn't keep track of how many!!!!  I promise to do better on the new warp.
  In fact, I'm putting a little notebook in your loom bench to keep track of everything we weave on this warp!

   In June, Tina and I wound the new warp on your back beam.....who knew it would take so long to get it threaded and tied on?

  I got busy with some other projects and just left you on the back burner.

  You never just waited.

  You watched silently as I explored new projects on the other looms.  Scarves went on the Pups and were woven off in quick order.
  Art yarn was spun.
  Mad dashes were made to the fabric stash to find new color combinations for the hot pads.

And, guess what????

 I also found some great decorator fabric to use for your first project!!!

  Absence does make the heart grow fonder!

 I haven't forgotten you....I just got side tracked by a few other things!

We'll have some quality time coming up as the days grow shorter and colder.  Weaving with you is one of my favorite things to do!

Looking forward to good times,


Maggie said...

A "Dear John" letter with a happy ending!

Bonnie said...

Glad you are getting back to him.