Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If it's October, I'm at Work

 October is a beautiful month here in east Tennessee.  The leaves turn every color that poems list.  They fall in whirlwinds and bursts, covering the ground in a lovely crunchiness.  The weather cools just enough to make being outside a pleasure, and it's time to plant lots of things.  There are fall festivals and fairs and celebrations every weekend.
  Which only means to me that I'll be working.  The farm is even more beautiful than the ordinary parts of the state, and it's full of guests, who need to be fed and nurtured and cared for.
  I've missed the past two Tuesdays at the Center, but it wasn't the guests' fault!  Some idiot stole my license plate off my car while it was parked in my --doorless-- garage last Tuesday.  Who does that?  So I spent that day getting that attended to.
  This Tuesday, the new Blackberry Farm cookbook came in, hot off the presses, and all the chefs and artisans had to sign the first 500 copies.  Of course, they schedule things like that on Tuesdays!  The official release is October 29th, but you can pre-order your copy now!
  But I did get some weaving done.  Here's the border for the second curtain.  It took weeks, maybe months, to get the first curtain done, but the second one was done in a day this past Monday.  I was inspired!  And the pattern just flew.  I love the border pattern, but want to try a different center for the other pair.  They'll hang on opposite sides of the door from each other, so if they look similar at first glance, I think it'll make them more interesting to be slightly different close up.  Picking the new huck lace pattern will be half the fun!
  Tootsie has not been ignored this week, simply postponed.  I pulled the threads out of the reed and heddles Monday while I was talking to Mom on the phone.  (She's fine and sends her love, but she's anxious to get into the new house.  They closed last Thursday and she's been scrubbing walls.)  I gave Tootsie a rub down with some Howard's Feed and Wax, but am not ready to jump into threading just yet.  There's Mom's new bathroom rug to finish, the double weave sampler to get done and the curtains are just too much fun right now.
  I was happy to find that Tootsie's heddles are the same size as Jenny's and Nancy's, so I have plenty to fill her up with to start a new project.  Maybe I can cut off these hand made ones, too!

I had to laugh when I turned around from taking these pictures to find my loom room full of creatures who'd followed me in.  I've been working nights the last few weeks, and I think I've been missed.  They don't let me out of their sight much.
  But one benefit of working nights is that I'm sitting at my computer writing to you right now, when I'd normally be almost at work, and coming home too tired to do this!  And now I have three hours to weave before work!  I'll have some happy weaving.  You should, too!


LA said...

I have to agree that the Farm is especially beautiful this time of year. I can imagine sitting at the Pavilion with a roaring fire going in the fireplace and the brook singing beside me. I'm glad you've gotten some time to weave with all that is going on. I'm sure the cookbook will be a success.

Tina J said...

How wonderful about the new cookbook, fall is beautiful at BBF there is no doubt about it! I hope to see the curtains at the center once they are finished, before you hang them up. I love lace too!

Bonnie said...

"Covering the ground with lovely crunchiness" I have never thought of it that way. You should be a writer. Glad you are getting some weaving in.

Theresa said...

I'll bet it is just glorious down there about now! Lucky you and congrats all around on the cookbook!