Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back To The Annex

  Yes....here we go again!
 While Allan, Ann, Carol, Lanny, Linda and Pat were in South Knoxville loading up trucks and vans, some of us were at the Center working out in the Annex.
  Our project for the morning was to organize the shelves and make room for MORE!

  We looked in bags that had thread and fabric, packed it with like items in tubs and labeled the tubs.

  This also gave us a chance to take at look at stash that can be used up in future projects.

   Here are the organizers:  Eiko, Sharen, Tina and Cindy!  Great job, ladies!
 Lunch time had us also planning for the Foothills Show coming up in November.  The countdown begins...............

And, after lunch, we unloaded the vans and and started to find places for the looms that have been donated to our Studio.

  We have added two Macomber 8 harness looms with double back beams as well as another table loom that can be used for our beginning weavers.

  We put the 700 pounds of thread in the Annex, along with the shuttles and books that came with this donation.  That will all be sorted through as time allows.

  We really appreciate this donation from the estate of well know Knoxville fiber artist, Betsy Worden.  These looms will be well used.   And, the beautiful threads will be put to use in many new projects.

  Since she knew so much would be going on at the Center today, Cindy brought us some Harvest Bread from the Gourmet Market to help us keep up our energy level.  Thank you, Cindy!!!!

Another BUSY day.........
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Looks like the center may need to expand upstairs and down. Wish I could have been there. I didn't get back to the area until 2:20. Exhausted and brain dead, I just wanted to get home.

Maggie said...

It looks like the room is about to explode with looms!