Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Three Warps Full

  YES....three warps came off the looms today!

Linda cut off her very FIRST warp! 

Shirley also took the scissors to her warp...not her first!

And, that scarf warp of Lanny's has come to the end!!!!
(He's clapping with great enthusiasm!)

  Don't you just love that feeling of coming to the end of a warp?  Time to celebrate!!!!

Ann & Allan


  And, while all that weaving was going on inside the Studio, we were caulking on the Annex in that wonderful Fall sunshine.  Eiko and Sharen lent helping hands, also!

  Painting the trim will hapen another day!

We just want to keep out the rain during the winter months.

  We did take time out to oohhh  and ahhh over Marie's knitted vest.  It can be worn short or long, depending on how you put it on.  LOVE it!!!!

  LaDonna, Eiko, and Ms. Ila at their looms.
Shirley and Marie

  If you look closely, you can see Carl's head back at his loom. 
  And, Andy will be ready next week to start weaving in the warp as weft on her next wrap.

  Since the Tuesday Weavers did so well at the Museum of Appalachia last weekend, Carol has decided we get to order the second Pup for the Studio.  (That will give us four Pups....then we'll have a pack of Pups!!!!)
  Pat is getting excited about her brand new loom that she is ordering....she'll have all the cool features she's always wanted!

  And, Judy is filling in her wish list.

Just to keep our energy level up, Ann made her Nurturing Bean Soup (YUM!) and Eiko made little cookies.  I didn't get pictures of the other delicious goodies that were brought for lunch today....but it was a tasty Fall lunch for hard working weavers!!!!  Thank you to ALL!

Enjoy your Fall day!!!!


Maggie said...

Congratulations, Lanny! Now, please pick other colors! :-)

Tina J said...

Sorry I missed all the fun! I will be back next week!

MegWeaves said...

Hi, Eiko! Glad to see you're back weaving.