Friday, August 3, 2012

While in Oregon

I was walking to the store yesterday, cause you can do that in Portland, and I saw an Oregon license plate.  I thought, cool, you don't see one of those everyday!  Then I remembered that I am in Oregon after all!  I am in Oregon to help my daughter with her very first baby.  He was born 3 weeks overdue, and was the appropriate size for such a long gestation.

 Here he is at 1:15 am my first night there, I have since taken over the daytime duties and left them to handle the night time.  Once he is fed, I let the grownups nap as much as they need to and I watch expression after expression flit across baby S's face, one after another, and at lightning speed.   Everybody is doing great, he is eating good and sleeping good too.
I love how it feels to have a baby snuggled up in one of the baby carriers, you can still get a lot of things done, but you know that the baby is safe and secure, and all snuggled up.

I have done some cooking while I am here to beef up the freezer.  I have a crock pot  going with our families (and therefore New Momma's) favorite pasta sauce.  We will dine on pasta tonight, and Pizza later on in the week.  The rest will go in the freezer in muffin tin sized portions for her to pull out as needed.

I am also doing some of my famous Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies.  The ones we don't eat right away will be packed in freezer bags and stashed in the freezer for when you just need something sweet.  They will last in there for 6 months, though I have never had them in there that long.  :)

 I am here until next Wednesday, then my youngest daughter is coming for a week to lend a hand.  So I think we have got it all covered.

When I get back, I have to get rest of the 10 Bread cloths  woven, and actually weave off the whole 20 yards, because I got another order while I was in California, and it will have to be woven on that same loom!!!  But for now, it is going to be all about the baby!

Until next time, find a baby to snuggle, Tina


LA said...

Big congratulations! Sounds like you're having a grand time, and getting lots of snuggles!

Linda said...

There is nothing sweeter than holding a newborn. Enjoy it while you can.

Maggie said...

Wait a minute! What's his name?

Bonnie said...

You look natural with the baby in the carrier. Have fun. He is so cute. Congrats. What number grandchild is that for you??

Roxie said...

Hey, I live in the Portland area! If I can do anything to help, give me a shout.

Tina J said...

Thanks Roxie, I will keep that in mind!