Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 2 with Mom

All of last week it was just Mom and me so I got some work done while she rested or was at dialysis. I got the quilt top done for our bed. It's all Aussie fabric and I like the way it looks! Getting it all together took a bit of time and I had to pin each piece with the order it was supposed to be in on each row to make sure that I got them right. Maybe I should have switched some blocks around but I kind of like the way it looks, very eclectic! 

 I had planned to just take it home and quilt it myself on our dining room table since I didn't have any batting or backing along sister's friend Linda came over. She owns a long arm quilting machine and she told me I was nuts if I was going to do it all myself on my little bernina! So I caved. Good thing too because the quilt is massive! We went to town to check out backing fabric. Found one that looks great. It's from a stonehenge collection and fits in with the fabrics I used. Problem is that the fabric was 109" wide and my quilt is 112" square!! So, last night when my sister got in, she helped me cut the fabric and then I sewed in the strips I'd pieced earlier for that purpose. I just have to iron it and take it over to Linda's. She'll have it done by the weekend so I can take it home to bind and put on our bed!
 I'd stopped at Hancocks in Paducah on the way up "just to look". I found some more Charlie Brown Christmas fabric. I'd brought along about half a dozen fat quarters I'd bought earlier and planned to make into something for my in laws for Christmas. My mother in law loves Charlie Brown and esp the tree! So I bought some yard long pieces of a couple of prints and once I had my quilt pieced, I decided to piece a smaller throw for them.
 It's pieced and now I have to go back to Hancocks on the way home to pick up fabric for sashing around the whole thing. That, plus some backing fabric so I can quilt it. It's only about 60 by 70 inches so manageable with my machine!
 It should be a nice surprise for her.
I'd bought some 5" charm square packets along, just incase, and I had some time yet Friday so I cut out the pieces for a little square about 19" that I'll back and quilt just as a little table topper. I love charm squares because they are already the beginning of something neat!
 Ok, so I had time to start another one. This packet had all 30s fabrics in it. I bought half a meter of yellow to match. Then cut and sewed the 2 sets of squares. The squares on the diagonal had to be trimmed down to 6 1/2" square but I'd brought along my little rulers and that made it easy. I just have to figure out how to lay it out and assemble them yet. I'll take this home to add borders as well and finish later. But the hardest part will be done already!

 That's all I got done this week. Mom had some fun in the kitchen. On Saturday morning she rolled out some pie dough she found in the freezer and put them into tart pans, filled them with blueberries and good stuff and we baked them. They are awesome! Blueberries are low in potassium...and she uses mostly splenda so she can eat them without worrying about getting ill from too much potassium in her.
My sister and daughters came in last night and there's a long list of stuff that needs to be done this week. My aunt is supposed to come from Edmonton with a quilt project she's having problems with so we'll be doing some work with that. I've got my design wall to set up to help with that.
I'll be here until a week from today when I'll load up and head back down to Tennessee! It's been a good break for everyone and I'm glad that I could be here to help.
So, y'all keep weaving and I'll try to get a bit more sewing done and then help out as needed here!!
Til next week.


LA said...

Your Mom looks great!!! And, it looks like you have gotten a lot of sewing done! Love those quilts!

Tina J said...
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Tina J said...

"That is all I got done this week" she says as she runs circles around the rest of us! Enjoy the rest of your time at home, I know how precious it is!

Bonnie said...

I couldn't tell you which is my favorite. They are all beautiful. A very busy lady, indeed.

Linda said...

I am amazed at how much you have gotten done! They all look really nice and your mom looks so happy to have you there!

Anonymous said...

Love your quilts. Long arm quilting is the way to go..I can't believe how much you have gotten done too! Sounds like you all are having lots of fun:) sharen