Monday, August 20, 2012

Goodbye Canada

It's been another busy week in Moose Jaw. I should write tomorrow morning but I have to get up about 6am Monday morning to get down the road, so I'm writing this evening. It's midnight in Knoxville now, so maybe it'll say Monday on the blog!

We had a fun few days with relatives coming to my sister's home. The front row is my Mom, her sister and her sister in law. On the top on my left is my sister [who doesn't like to be in pictures] and on my right is my cousin who I hadn't seen since before 1970!!! What a visit we had!!! Talk about reminiscing and just having a good time!!!
 The reason for the get together was my aunt, front center of the picture above, had a quilt project she had been stumped by. You take a ton of 2 inch squares of fabric in dark, medium and light tones and arrange them to make a picture. So Aunt Helen came with her project and we spent about 10 hours getting it arranged for her. We had bought a fabric with a grid on it that you could fuse stuff to and we (well, really my sister) got the colors together. I helped mostly cutting squares for her to choose from because the colors that came with the kit didn't have much in dark browns or greens.
Our aunt fused it all after this picture was taken. The long strips of fabric represent tree trunks that we laid there. Eventually she'll add those as well. I'm glad that I"m not the one that will be sewing it all together!! but, it was fun to get it together for her.

 The other project my sister had for us was finishing her rose project. She'd bought a fabric that had a bunch of roses [that she talked me in to] on it that she fussy cut and then surrounded with strips of colors. Problem was that no 2 squares were the same size so I brought my design wall along and we arranged them in a nice arrangement.[as best we could] We spent a couple of days adding the dark dark brown to join them into a quilt. Here we had the first row done.
 We got all of them done except the last row. [Ok let's be honest, I made you do all the sewing and then you not...]  We kind of gave out!! We bundled it up [threw it on the table] and we'll finish it when I come up in February. [because I...her sister... will not touch it until then].It's going to be a job to get the bottom right and straight.
 This afternoon we went on another adventure. About half an hour from here is Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. I'd never been there before and Mom really wanted to go have a picnic there so we went. They have a bunch of buffalo in a very large enclosed area. There is an observation area nearby and we were fortunate enough to see a bunch of them. Far away there were many more. Can you imagine when the prairies were covered with buffalo? What a sight that would have been!!

Then as we were leaving we saw some deer. A mom and 2 young ones, still spotted. They stayed nearby so we could take pictures of them!
So tomorrow I head south. It's been fun but it's time to head home so that I can get the warps off my looms!!

Til next week
with bracketed comments by her baby sister, who still doesn't like to have her picture taken.....


LA said...

WOW! You've been busy! I'm so glad you had such a great visit with your, be careful on your drive home!

Bonnie said...

What a busy week. Got lots done. And what nice looking quilts. How fun to spend that time with family.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a trip!! So glad you shared this. It's been a wonder to watch thru our tiny window on our computers your joy with your family. Have a safe trip back :)