Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time Flies....

  Sometimes it seems like everything is moving in fast forward...............
...........Carol is driving back from Canada.
............Ann is spending some extra Mom-Daughter time before the departure date.
..........Maggie is making yummy things in her kitchen at work.
.......And, then time stands still.....for just that moment.  You look up and you see a new weaver.  You just never know when the bug will bite, and someone will pick up a shuttle and join in the parade.  Bravo, Ms. Pat!!!!

Allan took time out to work with those errant threads at the back of his loom today.  He'll get this all worked out, I'm sure!!!

Eiko has been weaving away on her place mat warp.  LOVE those colors!!!!

Andy swears that I only get pictures of her frowning.....not today!!!!  The ladies on the back row were hard at work. Bonnie even took home orange thread to wind on the swift to get ready for next week!

Shirley wound her threads on the shuttle only to find that she had added a light brown to the mix.  Uh-oh......that was not in the other bout of threads!!!!  That's OK.....we'll wind it off and take the brown right out!!!!

It's important to take a little time to chat with your friends.  So...what's new????

And, always take some time to share your newest accomplishment!  Tina finished her shawl....what a beauty!  (And, that reminds me....Maggie should almost be finished with her shawl!!!!  Maybe she can bring it next week?)

Lanny got his stripe fixed, and was back to weaving on his scarf warp.  He sold two of his scarves last week!

  And, this is all I had of the Chocolate Cherry Cake to bring home today.  Thank you Tuesday Weavers for stepping up to the plate!  This was the recipe that Karen posted on her blog yesterday (Karen In The Woods) and I did not want the whole thing at my house.  It is a great recipe....so take a look!   Thank you, Karen, for posting it!!!!

Linda got to the Center in time to have some, too!

Can you believe that August is starting to wind down????  Lots to get done in the next few weeks!

Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

I didn't realize you took my picture! At least my mouth wasn't full! The cake was delicous!

Bonnie said...

What a day. Chatting, laughing, eating, weaving.
What more could you want.

Theresa said...

Oh man, that cake..yummy! You guys sure know how to do a Tuesday up right!