Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Joyce's Next Adventure

 Joyce, aka Mom, is on the road again!  She's leaving east Tennessee for central Virginia, to live in Chesterfield, a suburb of Richmond.  She sold her house last week, and my sister Liz and her friend Deedee came to move her, lock, stock, and loom.  In fact, when I pulled up, there was the Harrisville that I learned to weave on, wedged between some chairs.
  Joyce is the smiling weaver at the right edge of the group photo, and the group has loved her, worried about her and been her friends, but when they found out she was moving on, not many were surprised.  They know her gypsy soul!
 Liz and Deedee were on vacation, but ran out of stuff to do.  They decided moving Mom's stuff sounded like fun, and drove down yesterday.  Today, they loaded the truck, and are now putting in the pieces of furniture I had in my house that were Mom's.  Liz has found a house around the block from her own that will need a lot of furniture to fill it up.  Mom already has her loom room picked out in the new place, so the Harrisville will have a room to be put to use.

So, farewell, Joyce, and bon voyage!  Weave up a storm and send photos, now that you know how!  We will miss you!


LA said...

And, so the adventure continues!!! She does love to change the view from time to time...and I'm sending lots of love and hugs with her to VA!!!!

Linda said...

We will miss her!

Bonnie said...

We will miss Joyce, but happy that she is able to move on.

Anonymous said...

The best to you on your new journey, Joyce, we will miss you so, come back to see us when you can. Sharen