Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grilled Sandwich? (Picture Heavy)

Grilled Sandwich you say?  Oh no, this is not just any sandwich, it may well be the perfect sandwich!

That is just about the conversation I heard as I made my way from my campsite to my neighbors campsite.  We were in the Great Smoky Mountains, camping once again.  This time it was a large group of us, I think I counted 28 including the brief visitors that did not stay the whole 3 nights.
The grilled sandwich you see to the left, is not made in the normal everyday way, it is made on the campfire!  It is not made of normal ingredients either!
Okay, it starts out pretty normal, with really white bread, (the healthy stuff just doesn't do right according to the seasoned campers).
Oh, and Parkay, again the good butter I usually use is in disfavor as well!

Then they started adding all sorts of things, like scrambled eggs and precooked sausages,
Pimento cheese!

Tomatoes, peppers and salsa, were also on the table!   I really can't remember all the stuff that was there, they say the sky is the limit!

Here we go, start with 2 slices of white bread, squeeze parkay on one side of one of the pieces, be generous now.   Now, hold the 2 pieces together and transfer a bunch of that parkay to the other piece.  Place the buttered side down on the cast iron "Pie Irons", then you start adding ingredients at will.  I did not see any 2 that were the same!  I am not kidding!

Here they are on the fire, you may notice that there is a square one and a round one.  The Square pie iron lovers fan base was more populated than the round pie iron fan base, but the round lovers were very passionate.  The square pie irons are better for the environment, (the squares stated) because there is no waste and you are not throwing away pieces of crust!  The round pie iron lovers threw out that they liked the way that the round sandwiches were sealed so completely, and they said that it was a lower carb option!

Here is the Gallery of sandwiches.....

I had already eaten my breakfast when I had entered into the discussion, but I just couldn't miss out on this one.  I choose to do a square one using the traditional smore filling of chocolate and marshmallows.

It was gone so fast I didn't even take a picture!

That night there were several families that were going to do pizza's using their pie irons.   Bread and Parkay, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni or sausage.  It is all build your own, so everyone gets just what they want!

You learn something new everyday now, don't you!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

As you well know....everything tastes better when you're cooking it in the mountains over an open fire!!!!!

Theresa said...

LOL, those sandwiches look so good it's making me hungry. I know exactly what they mean about that white bread too.

Maggie said...

That bread has artificial strengtheners that only scientists understand. They make many things possible!

Anonymous said...

THAT looks yummy! Sharen