Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We All Have A Job To Do

  It's all like well oiled machinery.  We come to the Center on Tuesdays, and we just get busy.  Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of chatter....a lot of catching up on what's been going on in our lives....but for the most part, we just pick up where we left off last Tuesday.
  Pat has been working on the library...she has picked up where Ms. Joyce left off.  It's a huge job!  But, Joyce got us started, and Pat is adding to our collection.  Some weeding has been necessary, too.

The magazines have all been organized and are all neatly sorted in their boxes.  Even the Weaver's Craft has their own special place in the line-up.

  Tina is our treasurer....and today she got the deposit all ready to go to the bank.  We had a good July upstairs in the shop!!!!  (We were really happy to have her back with us today!)

  Ms. Ila and Eiko came in and got the Wolf Pups ready to weave.....
....and way back in the upper right hand corner you can catch a glimpse of Carl.  He started on another rug today.

  Here's the latest view of Bonnie's shawls.  Don't you just love this painted warp!!!!!

  And, just in case you think he's always perfect, here's evidence that even Lanny can have a boo-boo!!!
  Two light stripes????  It might be time to unweave!!!!!

  THANK YOU to the family of Dr. Emily Ezell.  Paul had been storing her loom and a lot of art supplies, and he brought them to us today.  We'll put everything to good use, never fear!

  And, speaking of good use..........
.........Tina brought us homemade blueberry bread for us to enjoy this morning!!!!  Yum!
  Thanks, Tina!!! 

And, YES!  It takes three weavers to put a warp on a loom!!!!  Tina, Linda and I took an hour out to beam the warp at the Museum of Appalachia.  I'm hoping we can get the heddles back on the bars and ready to thread next week.  That's my plan........

It was a great day at the Center....just doing what we do best:   WEAVING!!!



Bonnie said...

We were a small group today, but very mighty. A great day.

Linda said...

Tina, thank you for the bread. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the bread was nice, thanks Tina. Sharen

Tina J said...

I enjoyed. being back, now if my brain could just catch up with my body!
I love Bonnie's painted warp, it is amazing how the weft is changing it!

Theresa said...

Wow, such industry going on. What a fabulous guild you have and wouldn't I love to peruse that library of yours!