Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tangled Tuesday

At one time or another, I'm sure we've all seen this before!

  Not that we would want to see this!!!!  Oh, no!


  Ms. Ila's scarf warp got a little tangled while it was being wound on today.  Roz volunteered to help out!

  You could also say it was a Twisted Tuesday, since Ann brought her scarves that she wove on vacation. 

Ann and Christy spent the day twisting the fringes on their scarves.

  Lanny, Andy and Bonnie got a chance to catch up on news, too.

  Shirley got her second warp tied to the front, and started weaving this afternoon.  Hemstitching....now that's a tricky one!!!!

Lunch time gave us the opportunity to remind all the Weavers about our Fall events.  We need to be thinking about the Fall Homecoming over at the Museum.  We have several days of events that will need to be covered.

  And, we always welcome new weavers! 

Sharen's granddaughters came with her for a little while today.  They got to see the place mats she weaves at the Center.

The ladies were still working with the tangle when I left this afternoon....I'm sure it's all worked out by now.  Now, this is an untangled Tuesday!!!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

I missed Sharon and her granddaughters while I was in the Shop meeting.It was a productive and fun day.

Maggie said...

That's what I like about you guys: You're all a little twisted!

Roxie said...

I use a wide-tooth comb to work out my tangles. Like combing the snarls from your hair, you start at the end and work your way toward the top. I'm one of those people who enjoy working out tangles. Give me a snarl of knitting yarn and I'm happy all afternoon.

I envy your social,friendly weaving days. What fun you have.

Theresa said...

Oh gosh yes, and don't remind me about snarls and tangles like that one. You are all better people than I. If it's a cotton warp, it is likely to end up in the trash if it's that bad.
Other than tangles it looks like it was a fine Tuesday all around.