Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Working Woman's Guide to Weaving

 The title is a ruse to get you into the blog.  I haven't thrown a shuttle since the last time I was at the Center, July 24th!  My looms at home are idle and collecting dust, even though they have some lovely projects on them, waiting to be woven.
  I have been knitting every second I can sit down, though, and have been making great progress on a new shawl.  It's square, knitted from the center out on circular needles.  I showed its beginning earlier, the small square on four needles, and here it is, three weeks later on its third motif.  Knitting lace is all about anticipating the pattern's next surprise, and I love it!

 I've had weird days off lately, but have been taking advantage of them.  For example, I rarely have Saturdays off, but had this past one, and went to the Farmers' Market on Market Square.  Take a look at this stool a local woodworker made!  It's perfect for weaving!  I butt-tested it, hung my feet on the bottom rung and pronounced it perfect.  Now, I just need to rustle up the $350!
As previously reported, Joyce has flown the coop and is now safely ensconced in my sister's den in Richmond, VA.  She has her loom, her t.v. and her rocking chair, and is peacefully waiting for her new house's sale to go through.  She says hello to all you Tuesday Weavers!  And before she moved, she gave me her fig tree.  I dug it up and moved it to my back yard.  It has gone through a little shock, but still has figs ripening on it.  I don't particularly like figs, but I do love the tree, with its unusual leaves and interesting shape.  Fingers crossed for it to survive its transplant!

And I leave you with a sweet treat, courtesy of Krissy:  Fresh pop tarts!  She found the recipe on line for the dough, and filled these with fresh blueberry jam.  They were good, and we ate them with many yummy noises, but she topped these the next day by making savory ones, with bacon and sweet onions, sprinkled on the outside with sesame seeds and garlic. Oh, my.  They were famous on Facebook for a day, even!
  I hope to get back to Tuesday weaving next week, and actually throw a shuttle.  I'm really looking forward to finishing that first napkin, and catching up with everyone.  Until then, for those who have time, Happy Weaving!


LA said...

I guessed that you had been knitting! These things tend to go in cycles, and we need a variety of fiber play. I'm sending positive green vibes to the fig tree....hummmmmmmmm!

Bonnie said...

I love that sweater. Can't wait to see it finished. Neat stool. Homemade pop tarts.Yummie!

Bonnie said...

Sorry -Shawl

Anonymous said...

Homemade pop tarts! what a great idea - how about fig pop tarts - actually I will be happy to take those figs off your hands :)

Beautiful stool.