Monday, August 6, 2012

Mom and me!

My sister and her daughters left Thursday so since then it's just been Mom and me! My sister is getting some much needed change of scenary and I'm here trying to keep Mom in check! Tough job that!

I've been finally able to get to a quilt project I'd hoped to attack months ago. The quilt is for our bed and I'm using over 40 different Australian fabrics for it. I've been collecting for awhile but got a bunch last fall in Charleston on our trip that way.
Each fat quarter had to be cut into 13 pieces. There's some leftover so maybe a small scrap throw with that later? We'll see how much time I have to do that here.
 I love assemblyline sewing. First of all, finding 4 different squares to sew together and trying not to have any 2 final squares the same was fun! Then sewing them together before adding the outside strips to these plus the larger squares I put strips around.
 Here they are, a total of 100 squares waiting for me to put up my design wall and figure out the arrangement of them. Should be fun! Too bad my sister isn't here. She'd love helping me figure it all out. Then assembling is after that plus putting sashing around the whole thing before tackling the quilting..
 Speaking of Mom. Here she is, mixing up some pumpkin pie. She'd been wanting to do that for awhile.
You know how it is, when the cat's away......well, Mom made the most of it yesterday, going upstairs,'s tough for her with her hip needing replacing (but they won't do it) and the ups and downs of dialysis. She's supposed to eat a diet low in potassium. Do you know how tough that is?
She had a good weekend. Today, not so much. I'll leave in awhile to pick her up from dialysis and hope she is feeling better than she was this morning when I took her.
But, before that, I'm heading to Sobey to pick up blueberries. Bet you didn't know they're low in potassium?!
Til next week..


LA said...

I knew you'd have a quilt underway! Lovely! Enjoy this time with your Mom!!!

Roxie said...

What a fabulous, fun quilt!

And blessings on you for giving your mom a chance to be "naughty," Life has to be WORTH hanging onto. If it's not fun,what's the point?

Bonnie said...

It is a good thing that you and your mom and sister likes to do crafty things. Have fun. Tell you mom hello from us.

Theresa said...

That's some wild fabric in that quilt. It's going to be grand! You and your Mom, have fun, being naughty,catching up and giving Sis a break as well.