Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hi-ho, Hi-ho...It's Off I Go.....

  The scarf is had to be!  I needed to warp Parker Pup for today's mug rug class.  Both of my looms are already at the Center for today's class.  I keep adding items to the basket to take with me this morning.
Rag balls.....check!
Sample mug rugs......check!!!!
  The handouts are ready to go, too.

  Last night I started threading the hot pad pattern that I've been wanting to do.  I wound this warp in May (oh my!) and it's been waiting its turn to get on a loom.  I'm really excited to see how it weaves....this is the block pattern that Hilary uses for some of her rugs.
  We'll see how this goes!

  But, I didn't just wind warps and thread this week!  On Wednesday, Bonnie and I met with Ranger McDade and Ms. Peggy (Clinch Valley Handweavers Guild) to help with the preservation of some of the mountain textiles from the Great Smoky Mountains.  We wound three quilts and one coverlet onto their own acid free roll, which is then wrapped in muslin.  Each item has their own picture and tag so that the roll doesn't need to be opened.  The racks and supplies came from a grant that Ranger McDade wrote for this project.  This keeps the textile from getting weak places from being folded.  Ms. Peggy and some of the Guild members met on Tuesday and rolled the other quilts and coverlets.
  I've got to get ready to mind keeps racing with "do I have this?"  and "do I have that?"  Let's just do it!  Tonight, if Cece is in the mood to weigh down the scarf, I should get the fringes twisted so that I can wet finish it.  I should be done in time for Sunday's closing ceremony for the Olympics.
  I've been sprinting all week!!!!
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I would have come to help with the class, had I remembered! Still in a fog here!
Lucky you to help with those textiles! I bet it was a thrill to handle the quilts, did you wrap any coverlets?

Tina J said...

Oops, just reread and saw that you did one!

Linda said...

What a neat thing to do! Seeing those quilts and coverlet up close must have been awesome!

Bonnie said...

Yes, you have been sprinting. You should get a gold medal.
It was a great adventure back in time looking at all the items they had in storage to preserve.