Friday, August 10, 2012

Making my way home

I got home from my west coast travels on Wednesday.  It was a great trip, with lots of family time, getting reaquainted with great-nephews and nieces, and meeting my new grandson too!  

One of the funny things that happened on this trip, and it happened twice, is that while I was traveling from one place to the next, I was seated beside an unaccompanied child.  Both times it was little boys, and both times we had such fun!  The first one was 10 years old, and quite grown up!   I always travel with peanut butter crackers, peanut M n' M's, and my iPod, and that really came in handy!  We played "Where's my Water" all the way from Sacramento to Portland.  As I left him, he said "It was a pleasure traveling with you."  What a gentleman!

The second boy was only 8 years old, and he was glad I was a grandma several times over.  I did not have my iPod fully charged for this flight, ( a mistake I will not make again!) but he had a back up Sony game thingy.  It had a video camera and he filmed me knitting.  He also made me play his video games to try to beat his score.  He came out looking pretty good!  When he tired of all that,(this was a long 4 hr flight) he pulled out a beach towel and his pillow and watched a documentary on the Arctic poles, tapping me on the arm every time he saw something cool.  He somehow managed to get free ice cream twice during the flight, I could never pull that off!

I don't have anything to show you in the weaving department, except to say that my big bread cloth order has been simplified to easier, less time consuming patterns!   I should be able to knock those out this next week while Dear One is on a business trip.

And now to more Baby pics.  We of course had to do a photo shoot with him laying on the blanket that I wove for him.  It was much too hot to wrap him up in it!

My daughter picked his outfit to contrast with the blanket.  I was snapping pictures and she was snapping pictures.  He was doing very well with it all.

One of the first things he did of course was to spit up on the blanket!  I got so tickled at that, we just laughed and wiped it up.  It won't be the last time that happens.

I only have a few more of these blankets on the loom, then after a loom repair, I will have to decide if I want to do more of the same or switch to something different.  I may do some blankets in carpet warp, with a Swedish lace pattern, since I am really enjoying my other one shuttle, loom controlled projects.  It is very tempting!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Spinning and Knitting, Tina


Bonnie said...

Glad that you are back home safe and sound. The blanket is georgous but I think he stills the picture.

Linda said...

Tina, your blanket was christened but such a cutie! :-)The both are beautiful!


LA said...

Welcome back, traveler!!! I'm surprised you didn't stay just a wee bit longer....he's so precious! Some lace throws might be could try that out!