Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Week To Catch Up

New Weavers!!!!

The class went great!

Once they got the hang of throwing the shuttle, they were off and running. 

   I want to tweak my notes for the September class, but all in all, I'm pleased.

  I unloaded the car when I got home, and Parker Pup made it as far as the kitchen.  I wove off the rest of the warp this week.  The results:  eight mug rugs!
  I need some items for the fall sales!!!!
  The next warp for Parker Pup will be another scarf using the art yarn for accent.   I have some gray chenille that I want to pair up with some of my yarn.

Cece did her part keeping the last scarf weighed down while I twisted the fringes....but, when I was finished, she was, too!!!  Enough is enough!  I think she likes the more colorful scarves.

  I've started weaving on the double binding hot pad.  I fell in love with Hilary's rugs on her blog, and adapted the threading for a hot pad.  This threading is also found in Meany and Pfaff's Rag Rug book.
  I love trying out weaving structures...don't you?

This is my surprise of the week!
This honeydew vine has been blooming and blooming and growing out into the yard.....but no little melons had developed.  Then, to my surprise, I saw this hanging on the fence this week.  We've had a lot of rain, so everything has been growing like crazy.  All summer....and this is the only one!!!!  Oh well.........

I just hope I get to enjoy it......but I'll have to watch out for the deer and raccoons!!!!  They may have their eyes on it, too.

Have a glorious weekend....
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

I am so glad your class turned out great. And you got a few mug rugs out of it. I sure hope that you get to enjoy your melon.

Tina J said...

I was thinking about those rugs of Hilary's, and I cam't wait to see these hot pads!

Anonymous said...

Your class looks like it went very well seeing all those smiling faces! Sharen