Friday, August 24, 2012

Pup Redeaux

***Just a note:  Tina is enjoying the great outdoors, and should be able to post tomorrow.

  We were sitting around after lunch on Tuesday talking about Wolf Pups....we have two at the Center. They are great since they fold up and move into the isle, out of the way, when we leave for the day.  We keep adding new weavers, and we try to give them experience weaving on a floor loom after they finish their beginning projects.  It would be helpful to add some new pups to our group in the future as we continue to grow.
  I have two here at the house:  a four treadle one and a six treadle one.  It seems that I am always throwing a new project on one of them all the time.  It's usually a mug rug warp or a scarf, but I have woven place mats, too.  And, while I was planning the scarf warp using my art yarn, I decided to push the project into a wrap done in black chenille.  I'll be using the full 18 inch weaving width on this one.  I started beaming the project last night after I moved 30 more heddles to the first two shafts.  This will be in basket weave with the art yarn added on shafts 3 and 4.

  I ended up taking out what I had woven on the hot pad when I realized that my strips were too wide.  That's why it wasn't packing in very well!!  I reread Meany and Pfaff, and they call for fabric strips 1/2 inch wide.  These are cut about 3/4 inch wide, but they are packing in very nicely, and you can see the blocks very clearly. 
  This project is on my 6 treadle Pup...I just walk the treadles to get my pattern!!!  What a joy to weave!


  I realized that I hadn't shown the scarf I finished using the art yarn.  This was woven on Parker Pup (4 treadles) in the basket weave threading. 

  I really like adding in the art yarn, and I have a bunch more projects I'd like to try using more of my yarn.

  And, this is the crochet mobius scarf that I made with thrum yarn. 

  I didn't use the Pup....but it is a completed project!  I took this project to "knit night" to work on a few times.

  I'm headed outside to wage war on more weeds....I'll get to weave later today.  I'll be working on the warp on Parker Pup!
Yeah, Pups!!!!

Have a great weekend!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

What wonderful projects. You have been a busy lady. They are all beautiful.

Linda said...

Ditto what Bonnie said!! :)

Theresa said...

Those pups always seemed to me to be such a perfect size for smaller projects. Glad to hear they are reliable and even better to see some of those beautiful projects you've been weaving on them! Oh and they don't chew do they? ;)