Friday, September 30, 2011

Ole what's er name!

This morning I was at Lou Ann's, picking up the 2 harness Studio Rug loom that has been stuck in her garage for over a year.  I had not thought that we would be able to dismantle and move it today, but we decided to cut off the old rug that was on there and be done with it.  It wasn't what I have in mind for this warp.  I will finish it off this week and bring it on Tuesday to see what we should do with it.  There is a possibility that we will send it to the former owner of this loom. 

We always name our looms, and I forgot to ask Lou Ann what her name was! Maybe she will chime in so that I don't have to call her "What's her name"!

I haven't put her together yet so you will have to be content with this photo of her.  The warp is sleyed 2 to a heddle and spaced in an interesting manner in the 8 dent reed.

There are 6 doubled warp threads seperated by a single dent btween each bundle.  Then there are 3 doubled warp threads side by side.  It continues across the loom like this, with the group of  3 doubles on the selvedges as well.

Last week, I emptied the loom I was working on at the center.  I had a white warp and natural weft placemats.  The pattern is one we use all the time, we call it Ellen's Pattern.  It is a warp that is spaced alternating between 2 ends in a dent and 1 end in a dent.  I brought the placemats home and washed them a couple of times.  While I was cutting them apart, I noticed a treadling error on one of them.

It was right at the end of one of them. 

I carefully pulled the end out of the hem, and needle wove each one back the way it was supposed to be!

I think it looks great!

Well, I better get going and see if I can get that loom in from the car.  It will need a good cleaning, and oiling too!  I will post pics when Ole what's her name is up and running.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

I don't know the name of the lady that donated that loom....we need to ask Carol. She will look so good when she's cleaned up and oiled. It's a great loom for rugs!!!!

Linda said...

The place mats look wonderful!

You are going to like that loom! It is a good, sturdy rug loom. The spacing sure is odd on the warp, though. I have never seen anything like it. Interesting.

Bonnie said...

I hope that you get the loom put together. Enjoy her.

Maggie said...

I kind of like Ole What's Her Name! We could call her OWHN for short...