Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Twistin'

  You really know it's Fall when you make your first pot of chili, and last night that was on the menu here on the Ridge.  Serve it with a handfull of (low salt) Fritos, some shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, some little green's a meal in a bowl!!!!  I forgot the sour cream....but I didn't even miss that!  It's 47 degrees here this morning....the heat actually kicked on!  And, just think, I had the A/C on earlier this week!!!

  I've been working on some of the "grunt" work that goes with weaving.  I had some scarves from the Center that had to be finished.  The fringes are twisted on the lace scarf, and it's ready to be pressed.

  On the board right now is a chenille scarf that I wove this Spring on the rigid heddle.  I actually had forgotten about this scarf!  But, while the board is clamped to the table, I might as well get as much done as I can.

  I got the fringes twisted on this chenille scarf that I wove this week.  I wanted to get this on and off the loom before I put on the next warp of mug rugs.  There's still one more scarf to twist before I remove the board from the table!!!

  I've also been running tote bags through the serger so I can get them pre-washed.  There's a few more to do before I can run the washer. 

  All of this and real life, too!  What DID I do before I started weaving????  I just know that I love to sit down at one of my looms and throw the shuttle.
  I'm getting close to fulfilling my pledge of tote bags for the booth in November, and you'll never hear me say, "I don't have anything to do!"  And, if all else fails, the leaves will start falling in earnest, soon.
Enjoy your weekend!


Bonnie said...

Those are some beautiful scarves. If not weaving, what else is there?

Tina J said...

You are churning it out! Things will be a bit more leasurely after the fall show!

Theresa said...

Lou Ann, Those are such fantastic scarves. WOW on the fringe. And good for you on the tote bag challenge you made for yourself. The booth will have so many wonderful things in it I know.