Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ramping-Up by Warping-up - - - Living to Commitments

Seven weeks from today we, the Tuesday Weavers, set up for our first collective show. Having been trained in organizational development and facilitation, I decided we needed (I needed) a "what, how many, who chart" to get a grip on what we would be offering for sale. We all know the by-when...that is November 17.

We listed each category of product: scarves, rugs, baby blankets, place mats, tote bags, etc. Then everyone started looking at their inventory and their looms to see what they could commit to bringing to the show.

I will admit that I was more than a little anxious about whether or not we would have enough inventory to fill a booth. As a new weaver I have no inventory. I juggle many other aspects of life and produce slowly. I committed to 8 rugs and 6 scarves. That is a lot for me - especially since only two of those rugs have been woven (not finished).

My anxiety about not having enough goods has been relieved. Individual weavers have listed 33 of this and 46 of that and 18 of another. Now my anxiety is about not contributing enough. That is not really true...I am giving myself a bit of grace. I know that indeed I am a beginner and that I have limited production.

In reality, it is very exciting to think that after weaving only about 18 months that I am producing things that are nice enough to sell. As a matter of fact, when we received the Craft Center sales report for last month one of the woven items that sold was one of my rugs. Major Personal Milestone! the Center Cotton Rug Warp for Rag Rugs
So, I am ramping-up by warping-up. I have a scarf warp ready to go on  my table loom this evening. And I have a rug warp ready to go on my floor loom as soon as the scarf challenge is woven off (probably Friday night). And the loom at the center has a rug warp ready to produce a few more rugs. I will be weaving a lot while my husband watches football - yea football season.

I will live to my commitment. I am guessing that I will be down to the wire but I will do it.

Until next week - be well,



LA said...

I admit that I was worried, also, that we wouldn't have enough for our booth, but it's looking better all the time. We'll know for sure when we do our mock up booth.

Tina J said...

I too was glad to hear about some of the inventory that was mentioned yesterday! I tried to be cautious in my estimations, all I have left to do is the Baby Blankets. I plan to have more than the 8 I mentioned.

Laura said...

Nothing like a deadline! :)

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a plan. I love it when a plan comes together.