Friday, September 2, 2011


Iced Tea and cookies!  You might think that there is a party going on at my house, and you would be right.  Except it isn't a normal party at all!

It is a Potato digging party!  I had planned a grand potato dig party for the Fall, and quite frankly we are so ready to be done with the garden this year, I just called one of my friends over to help dig.

I had dug up the Yukon Gold potatoes yesterday and got a huge bucket full, that I will split with  my daughter that lives nearby, and her crew.

 While I was waiting for her to come I harvested the cayenne peppers, and they will go into the dehydrator once the latest batch of herbs are done.  Then I went inside to wash my hands before I did anything else.  I just knew that I would be sure to rub my eyes or something at some point, and suffer the consequences if I didn't.  That stuff really burns!

We dug up the row of potatoes, pulling in one direction, and then took our tea and cookie break in the front porch rockers.  We tried to catch a glimpes of the calf born yesterday, but momma cow had that calf tucked away someplace.

Then we went back to work, pulling in the other direction this time, and we managed to find a couple more potatoes that had hidden from us the first time.

We got one and a half of those big orange tubs full of the Russets.  I will leave mine out to dry for part of the day then I will clean them up and split them with my daughter.

We really had a good time digging in the dirt, and catching up.
Potato patch done, 2011

  I am going to plant a much smaller garden next year.  (In fact we are hurrying the clearing of this one so that we can plant grass for a small soccer field for the kids!)  I think 5 is a good number, don't you?  As in 5 tomato plants, 5 basil plants, etc. 

Remind me next year, when planting mania hits, won't you!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

What a wonderful crop of potatoes!!! I think 5 is a good number...plenty to eat, some to put up and less work for YOU!!!!

Linda said...

What a wonderful harvest! You will definitely be all set for a while.

Bonnie said...

Makes me envious for a garden. Glad you got a good harvest.

Maggie said...

I'm going with TWO next year; your family can probably handle five.