Saturday, September 3, 2011

Taking a Break

  That's right....I'm taking a short break from tote bags this weekend!

  Carol and Tina put out the call for more mug rugs for our booth at the Foothills Craft Guild show in November.  They do make lovely gift items for people....just add a mug and some goodies, and you've got a delightful gift to give.

  And, in honor of the first football game for the University of Tennessee, I'm working on the Cross of Tennessee overshot pattern.   This was the first pattern I worked out for mug rugs when I started weaving.  I wound a quick five yard warp, and it went right on Ms. Candee....five mug rugs are complete at the moment!!!!

  These are the four large totes I cut off of John this week.  The handles were building up on the cloth beam, so it was a good time to get these off.  They are in the laundry room right now waiting to get their edges serged before they go in the washer. 

   I lashed the warp back on the rod, and I'm ready to start another tote when the spirit moves me!  I want to go stash diving for more prints to make some more rag bags.  It's just a different look.

  The small totes are coming along, too. 

  Although I'm in stash bustin' mode these days, I stopped at Clinch River Yarns in Clinton on the way to the Center on Tuesday.  I went in to look for knitting ribbon for Ann's scarves.

  NEVER send a fiber addict into a yarn store!!!!

  I didn't spend a lot of $$, but I could have!   I fell in love with a wool/mohair novelty yarn that would pair with some chenille yarn in my stash for scarves.    Or, it feels so yummy, I could just carry it around and fondle it.  The good news is that the shop is on the way to the Center....the bad news is that it's on the way to the Center!!!!
  I hope you have plans for this Labor Day is going to be mighty hot....they are calling for 97 degrees.  But, we are finally going to get some rain tomorrow and Monday...that's a good thing!!!!  It's been really dry around here lately.
  So, take a break and enjoy your family and friends!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

You have gotten a lot done. Mug rugs are fun and fast. How perfest to do UT orange.

Theresa said...

Oh mug rugs really are such fun! Love the pattern too.
Stay cool and enjoy your much needed rain. We could use some here ourselves

Tina J said...

I love how quickly the mug rugs come together. I can get one done in ten minutes or so!