Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Putting My Feet Up

 I am writing this while sitting at my computer in my pajamas.  That is probably not shocking to those who don't know me, but to those who do, it is incredible.  I am finishing up my first two days off together in a month and a half, soaking up every last minute of rest, especially for my feet.  They have warned me about this 70-hour week nonsense continuing, and I don't see an end in sight until January!
  Here is Katie, assistant bread baker, multi-tasking, because she was running out of time to get the lunch desserts finished on Saturday.  At least she's still smiling!  We have two new people starting this week, and one more next week, but still need one more pastry cook.  I never thought, with unemployment still so high, it would be this difficult to find experienced pastry cooks, but it has been next to impossible.  All the people I've hired have no experience outside of culinary school, but they have good attitudes, something I can't teach.   I can only hope they like it on the farm and stay for a good, long while!

  I enjoyed my two days off immensely!  Mom and I had a rainy Labor Day breakfast together, then I napped and cut out pattern pieces.  Yesterday I had every intention of digging into my new fabric from last week's shopping spree at Textile Fabrics.  But when I went to my sewing table, I had three projects cut out from last year.  I sent one to the Salvation Army (red baggy shorts?  really?  what was I thinking?), one to do for later (jeans shorts that are suddenly too short for the lovely chilly weather) and made a pair of linen trousers.  They're from a pattern from the early '90's, one I made three pairs of shorts from and set aside.  I was pleasantly surprised that the pattern still fit, and I love the drapey linen.  I wore them last night and felt comfortable and cool.
  And now it's back to the grindstone!  Have a lovely week, full of weaving with the windows open!


LA said...

I wonder sometimes if you shouldn't have your own little cottage at the spend a LOT of time there!!! LOVE the pants...they look very comfortable!

Bonnie said...

Have a good day off.

Anonymous said...

I knew you had to be busy; just got the email about the peanut butter and other goodies that you whip up. Glad you're able to carve out time at home for sewing, weaving and other domestic delights. ~Marta